Busch Gardens

Here are just a few of the 240 pictures we took of Busch Gardens.  Yes, 240! 

Here is my hand on the impression of a female Gorilla’s hand.

My hand

We all got to pet this flamingo.  I was suprised as to how tall he is!  I am 5’4″ and he was almost as tall as me.


That flamingo nibbled on me.  It didn’t hurt but it left a small mark.  You can see the impression on my wrist.

Flamingo bite

This is me buckling one of my children into a ride.  Like my hat? 🙂

buckling in

Here is one of the costumed performers.  The costumes were just beautiful and so detailed.

blue character

Another one of the characters.  They were way up on stilts.

catapillar character

One of the white bengal tigers.


The shiekra.  Here is where it holds it captives over the edge for several seconds before letting them go.


Here is one of the alligators eating.  He caught this fish in his pond.


Here is the silver back gorilla.  He was huge!



As soon as I get the Sea World pictures onto my computer I will post a few of those as well. 


God bless!



4 responses to “Busch Gardens

  1. The roller coaster looks awesome!! And I would have loved to be able to pet a flamingo! Awesome pictures! Can’t wait to see Sea World!

  2. Great pictures. We are going there next year. Can’t wait.

    I’m having a online yard sale at my place. Any chance you could help me out and write a post about it? I really want to sell some stuff, I need the space! Let me know about the post and I’ll be sure to send you some FREE scrapbook stuff.

    Take care,

  3. Great Pictures!!

    I think that Tiger has the idea!!…LOL


  4. We used to live very close to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It is so lovely. One of the most beautiful parks I have ever been to. Glad you had a good time.

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