Someone stop the world…

…I wanna take a break!!

     Isn’t summer supposed to be the time of the year that things slow down and you can take it easy? 

     What happened to the lazy days of summer?  Yeesh!

     In addition to spending three days (or more) a week at the gym for Ms. Firecracker to prepare for Gymnastics Nationals, we also have VBS this week.  We love VBS.  The kids meet new people and make new friends.  They make crafts, learn new songs and just really enjoy learning about God and praising Him. 

     It is so awesome to watch the kids as they sing songs about God’s strength, mercy and goodness.  Despite all the busy-ness VBS is a very good week!

     On the homestead it has been a hard few months. 

     We have now lost all of our adult chickens.  It is driving me crazy!  They are not being picked off one at a time, here and there .  There are no carcasses to be found.  There are rarely feathers found.  It is not happening at night.  They are disappearing during the middle of the day.  There are 3-5 missing at a time.  I cannot find any tracks and whenever I have the game trail camera set up no chickens disappear those days!   So far I have ruled out possums, snakes and raccoons.  I have not smelled a fox in the area -ever.  We do not have any packs of dogs around here that I know of.  I have never known coyotes to hunt during the day and when they have shown up usually there is only one or maybe two chickens missing.    PS- this is also how we lost all of our ducks and most of our guineas. 

     Anyway, that leaves us with two adolescent chickens, 1 adult guinea, 1 adolescent guinea and 13 chicks.  Mr. Muscles and I have to sit down and come up with a plan.  A live trap is in the very near future.  Not that it would do any good with dogs or coyotes.  I will have to set the game trail camera up again. 

     It just makes me so mad.  All of our egg layers are gone and the adolescent chickens are 3-4 months away from laying eggs.  Geez, the chicks are just now 3 weeks old.  Enough whining, for now.  🙂

     The kids and I have also been working our tushes off outside.   We have hauled 5 loads of dirt to backfill the retaining wall.  That is half of the loads that we need.  We have also built about half of the rock walls needed around the strawberries, grapes and blackberries.  I got a whole bunch of new flowers in the ground and even half of the first section of stone walkway laid out.   Oh, and I dug and built the new firepit.  We use it for roasting marshmellows and chilling around on the weekends.  

     See?  Busy but getting so much done!  I will get pictures up soon.  I would love to show ya’ll the progress we have made. 

I am off for now.  I have blogs to catch up my reading on. 

Have a blessed day!



6 responses to “Someone stop the world…

  1. Summer is for relaxing? What? Seriously school’s out and my life just got super busy! Ugh!
    Have you considered that perhaps your chicken/duck thief is of the human variety?

  2. I’d have to agree, I love listening to the sweet voices of my kids singing somes they learned at VBS.

    Summer is always greatly anticipated as a time of fun and relaxation, but it never happens to be that way!

    Keep us posted on the Great Chicken Mystery!

  3. Summer is supposed to be relaxing…but that never seems to happen…

    Good luck on the Chicken Mystery!

  4. If it weren’t happening during the day, I would suspect an owl….we had one ripping our chickens through the holes in the coop…..when they would roost close to the fence. He was about 3 ft. tall….ick, creepy. We also have bobcats here that like to stalk and runaway with critters. I sure hope you find what is doing it.

  5. Oh, I love a good mystery…but I’m really sad for your chickens!..and you. Sorry your are egg-layer-less!

    I’m totally with you on the “What happened to the lazy days of summer bit!” I haven’t had hardly any time, it seems!

  6. Hey Rhen!
    Catching up on your very busy life. So sorry about the chickens. It was weird reading that because I just read a novel that had a similar chicken mystery as a subplot. It turned out to be a ghostlike albino fox…but I digress. Hope you figure it out soon – those chicks are too cute to be chicknapped.

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