WFMW- Making lists

Hello all.  Thank you for take a moment to pop over to my blog!

     On to my WFMW tip for the day.

     I am a list person. 

     I make lists for everything.

     It seems that one reason some people who are not list people, yet who want to be, is that they will leave so much off of their list that the list then doesn’t do them any good. 

     One trick I use for making my list is that I go through, mentally, whatever I am making the list for.

     For example, in a few weeks or so we will be taking a trip.  To pack my toiletries I will mentally go through me taking a shower and getting dressed afterwards.   What did I use in the shower and after while getting ready?  It only takes a few seconds and helps me not to leave anything off the list that I will need.

     I make lists for our clothing, toiletries, first aid/ medicinal items, travel snacks and such.

     Once you have made your first list keep it as a master list.  Some trips require the basics while others require more specialized items but you know you will always have a list to start from. 

Hope this tip was helpful!

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6 responses to “WFMW- Making lists

  1. I am all about the list! I make lists for travel, the store, everyday chores. And I add housework done to the list just so I can mark it off…

    Edited by Rhen- Amen, it is so satisfying to mark something off of your list and show it is completed!

  2. Hey Rhen,
    Thanks for your comment at my blog. Sadly, Patrick went home to be with his Lord about the time I was posting. Please pray for the Hickey family and for the driver of the truck that hit him. It was a complete accident.

    Thank you!

  3. Your button is correctly placed & linked! Thank you! Send me an e-mail at jmlsdi3 at yahoo dot com with your BLOG NAME and mailing address to receive your vintage apron!

  4. Good idea. I made a checklist template on a Word table and whenever we travel, I print it. I fill in how many shirts, how many pants, how many undies, etc. Then each kid follows the list and puts their check mark under the column with their name. I left plenty of blanks for write-ins and I monitor the write-in’s closely (packrats tend to overpack!). This has been a great revolution in packing for the 6 of us and we managed to go away for a 4-day trip recently with NOTHING LEFT BEHIND! Whooo hoooo!

    Edited by Rhen~ LOL- My master list is in Word as well. WTG!!

  5. Great tip! I do the head-to-toe thing too when I’m listing toiletries. Sometimes I even make it through without getting distracted and remember to write down toenail polish 🙂

  6. My mom had a laminated list she made – I always remember that growing up when we were about to go on a trip…though I haven’t gone that far, I do the same thing – going through every step to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

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