This week’s agenda

I am so proud that I have to share to something with you. 

I mowed the grass!  🙂

An ordinary thing you say?  Ha!

     Over a year ago Mr. Muscles was mowing a path down by the creek and clearing some of the hollow.  When he had finished he started back up to the house.  He had only made it about 75 feet when the lawntractor ran out of gas.  Not a problem.  The ATV will easily pull it back up.  All was going well and he was almost to the top (we live in the mountains so this particular hillside is quite steep) when the rope contecting the lawntractor to the ATV broke.  For most of the trip back down the mountain the lawntractor just rolled backwards but about 20 feet in front of me, I was coming up the hillside, the thing diverted right and started fliping.  

     It was crazy looking!  The hood opened up and was bent, two of the tires were pulled off their rims and the poor thing looked bad.  Mr. Muscles did manage to get it all the way up to the house where we accessed the damage. 

     has been working on it ever since.   While it was working well enough to be used last summer I did not feel safe.  This year Mr. Muscles did an overhaul on it and now it is working like a champ again.

Our grass so high the kids could play Marco Polo and Hide and Seek in it! 

It is extremely satisfying to mow down grass that tall.  I laughed, out loud, the entire time I was mowing!

Everthing looks so much better.   It actually looks like someone lives here! 

     Mr. Muscles, the kids and I worked hard around here this past weekend and I hope to carry that momentum through the week despite our schedule.  LOL

     So, my to-do list is:

scrub and clean out the fridge

grocery shopping for the next two weeks

laundry (a little to make up after working outside so much)

finish the new fire pit

gather rocks for the rock walkway to the grilling deck

a load or three of dirt to fill in behind the retaining wall

weed and mulch the front gate gardens


finish attaching the pasture fencing to the t-posts

finish ordering the rest of next year’s curriculum

oil all the wood furniture in the house

mulch the vegetable gardens

finish our study of the human body

help the kids to write down the last of their books for the summer reading program. 


I really hope I can get this list completed.  With the kids’ summer gymnastics schedule it is harder to get everything done before it gets too hot outside.   That afternoon heat is a little too much when you are trying to haul rocks around.

For this week’s menu:

Tuna Salad

Hamburgers w/ baked homemade cheesy fries and baked beans

BBQ chicken stew

Homemade pizza

Veggie night

Chicken fajitas w/ refried beans

Saturday night is our family night out.  No cooking, no cleaning and my tea glass is never empty.  🙂

Looking for more menu ideas?  Visit Organizing Junkie

All of our meals are homemade and not out of a box.  If you are interested in any of the recipes I use just leave me a comment and I will post it with next week’s menu as well as email it to you.

Have a blessed week,



2 responses to “This week’s agenda

  1. Looks yummy.
    How do you make your cheesy fries?

  2. Great site!! I always go shopping for every two week too.

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