WFMW- Poster ironing.

Really!  🙂

     As homeschoolers we have a LOT of posters.  We do not have any where near enough wall space for all of the posters so I have to change them out from time to time.

     Some of the posters that are stored a little wrinkled and crinkled which makes the hard to hang back on the wall.  They also don’t look so great.

     To help flatten then back out you can iron them!  Put the iron on a medium setting and iron through a hand towel. 

     When I find a particularly tough wrinkle I will give a little shot of steam.  The towel protects the poster.  Does the poster look just like it did brand new?  No.  But it does look a whole lot better and it will hang flat against the wall again.

     Happy ironing!

Want for WFMW?  Visit Rocks in My Dryer.

2 responses to “WFMW- Poster ironing.

  1. Hi Rhen!
    I haven’t been to your blog in a couple of months (at least) and I’m so glad I found my way back! You are such an encouragement! Some people feel threatened by extremely hardworking, organized people who manage to put up 1/2 mile of fence, teach their children about “said topic” and make worksheets and a working model and grade everything, get lunch, blog your healthy menu for the next year, clean up the kitchen (and then paint it), and finish it all by noon. But not me. I’m not threatened. Disgusted, yes, but not threatened. LOL! Seriously, I never compare myself to other mom’s and go, “Oh, why can’t I be more like that?” Instead, I get inspired and say, “Okay, what can I do to be more like that?” That’s why I feel encouraged by your blog. Great stuff! I’m guessing God made you someone who doesn’t get sidetracked easily. Maybe you are and you’re having a good laugh right now.
    Well, I just wanted to say Hi and tell you that.
    Hubby is in CA, it’s almost midnight and I just realized I have yet to put clean sheets on the bed. Groan. But they are fresh off the clothesline, so that’s a bonus!

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