Roughin’ it!

     I know I have been a little scarce ’round these parts for the past few days but, I have an excellent excuse.  I was camping!

     Mr. Muscles and I packed up our tribe and joined our good friends, Sherriff W and Teacher M (and their 2 kids), and went camping Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

     We had such a blast.  We played in the creek and set out minnow traps.  We caught polywogs, spring lizards, minnows, crawdads and tadpoles.  We built a little dam with a spillway and then swam where the water pooled up. 

     We cooked over a fire and roasted marshmellows.  When the marshmellows were soft we put a Hershey’s Kiss in the middle.  The Kisses were dark chocolate and oh-so-good!! 

     The kids were tickled pink by the glo-sticks we brought for at night in the tents.  Sherriff W and I have decided to rename them a MUCH cooler name.  They will forever more be referred to as chem lights.  Isn’t that just the coolest name?!

     There are two parts to camping that are my favorites.  I really enjoy after the kids have laid down and are giggling away, we, the adults, get to sit around the fire talking, laughing and just enjoying adult conversations.  Teacher M and I tend to get a little goofy. 

     The other part I really enjoy is after I have woken up.  I never sleep-in while camping.  Mr. Muscles and I stoke the coals and get the fire going again.  While the coffee is percolating we snuggle and enjoy the quiet of the early morning.  There is a light mist hanging around the mountains.  The birds are busy flittering all around us.  And notice I used the word quiet.  Yes, guiet.  There is not too much of that around our house so I soak it up when I can.  LOL

     While those are my favorites I also like sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire, playing games with the kids, exploring the woods and the whole camping experience in general.

     We arrived home Sunday evening and headed straight for the shower.  We both took one on Friday but we were truely roughing it.  No electricity, bathrooms or running water.   What we took is what we had.  After a shower and a short nap we unloaded everything from the van and trailer.  We had it all put away and cleaned up in no time. 

     We all went to bed a little early Sunday night but I can tell you that I would have enjoyed sleeping in the tent just one more night.

God Bless!


PS- I will post a few pictures as soon as I can. 

3 responses to “Roughin’ it!

  1. Wow – that sounds so fun. I’ve never been camping, and I’m not sure I mind. The activities sound wonderful, but I tend to be germophobic. I wish I weren’t. :^) Looking forward to the pics.

  2. awww yay!!! I luff camping!! We are going this weekend if the campgrounds aren’t flooded out…LOL!!!

  3. Sounds like a fantastically fun weekend camping trip! we love camping but right now it is only 45 in the day and 38 at night so it is just a little too cold for us to do any camping right now! But we sure are looking forward to warmer days where we may be able to go!

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