May’s giant tackle!


May was designated for kid’s rooms in Organizing Junkie’s Monthly Round Up organizing challenge

I was totally thrilled.  I took on Ms. Lovebug (5) and Ms. Independent’s (3) room. 

They had two large buckets for their toys but it was just not working out.  Anytime they wanted to get a toy everything was dumped out in search of that toy.  What a mess!

Here is the room before:

As you can see, everything is out.  It was a huge daily chore to get everything picked back up again. 

Because they just chunked everything in the giant buckets that would often include clothing and shoes. 

This always became hardest on Sunday mornings as we hunted for the other shoe.  UGH!

Here is one of two shelves we bought the girls for organizing their toys.

As you can see, we have started the long process of sorting the toys.  They were sorted into three piles:  keep, give away and throw away. 

This shelf is Ms. Independent’s (3).  Ms. Lovebug (5) has one with tubs that are pastel colors.

Here is the room with the clothes put away, the toys done and the beds made.  Yes!

The new shelves make it much easier for the littles to keep their toys picked up.  They actually like knowing where all their toys are!

For more organized kids rooms visit Organizing Junkie.

Have a blessed day,



10 responses to “May’s giant tackle!

  1. Great job – it looks great!

  2. That makes a huge difference. Great job!!

  3. The room looks great. With my older boys now 13,12 and 10 we had the toys in a bucket and it was always such a mess. This time around my 3 yo has the toy storage like you just got, so much nicer. Great job.

  4. Super! I love those bins. We use them too and they help so much!

  5. Great Job! Thanks for visiting my blog, come again soo!

  6. That is SUPER!!!
    I love an organized space! 🙂
    What a blessing for your family!
    Have a great day!

  7. It looks great. It will be much easier for your kids to find what they want to play with and put it away when they’re done. I can totally relate to you on the hunting-for-the-other-shoe issue. I do that almost every day.

  8. It looks awesome! I love that you gave them each a unit of their own, that allows them to have some ownership in their own things. Really great!

    Thanks for participating 🙂

  9. Wow! You are a trooper!

  10. That looks fabulous. Great system!

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