Thursday Thirteen #22

My Thursday Thirteen is going to be all in pictures.  During our visit to family in Alabama we took a trip to the Montgomery Zoo.  Here are 13 critters we saw.  🙂


Is this one pregnant monkey or what?!


This boa was just cool looking.  🙂


Here is the most adorable baby elephant ever!  I just love the black hairs that stand out all over his body.  LOL


Here is one of the baby Giraffes.  They seemed just as interested in the kids as the kids were in them.


I just love the look the Zebra is giving me.  Hahaha!


The white tiger was very intent on his cleaning.  He was not distracted by anything.  LOL


Here is the baby Rhino Rocky.  He is standing by his momma like he is in charge of something.  🙂


This is a Maned Wolf.  They stink to high heaven.


This particular flamingo had such striking coloring with the darker pink looking like it was painted on.


This little guy is just barely bigger than a Chihuahua.


This big boy roared almost the whole time we were at the zoo.  His roar could be felt everywhere!


This Leopard was just feet away.  His teeth were huge and his eyes were so intense.


This picture looks fuzzy because I snapped it through the wire cage.  The wires are the lighter lines you see.  The Bald Eagle is still beautiful and very regal.

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13 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #22

  1. Good pics. It’s been a long time since I visited the Montgomery Zoo even though we are only two hours away. That flamingo is beautiful!

  2. That is one pregnant monkey alright. She looks like she’s about to pop. The baby rhino is adorable. He looks like a cartoon dinosaur LOL.

  3. Great pictures, we haven’t been to the zoo in years, I think we need to change that this summer and go.
    Happy TT, Hope you’ll visit my 34th T13…Weird Word Verifications” at The Cafe.

  4. Oh thanks for the walk through the Zoo this is just like one of my popsts it is nice to be transported thanks

  5. Wow, you really got up close. Good job! I can really see the animals.

  6. Great pics! The boa looks kinda freaky though. Great post. Happy TT!

  7. What great pictures. I have not been to the zoo in sooo long. I can’t wait to take Hunter on his first zoo trip!!!

  8. These are great pictures! I’ve never seen so many babies when I go to the zoo! You’re lucky!

  9. Very cool! The baby rhino is so neat!

  10. great pictures, i love the cats. The panther and the white tiger are beautiful.

  11. I love taking zoo pictures. Yours are great!

    The Pink Flamingo

  12. The DC Zoo also has Maned Wolves. Whenever my kids go by, they start muttering about smelling skunks. Wonderful pictures!

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