Pass the superglue please.

My hubby man, Mr. Muscles, has done it again

He has lost his wedding ring.  *sigh*

Obviously, this is not his first time. 

A few months ago we were in the same predicament.  After hunting for weeks we finally bit the bullet and bought him another one.  A couple days later, we found his wedding ring.   THANK YOU GOD!!  I returned the other one.

Sadly, Mr. Muscles did not take away anything from that experience (sorry, honey) and the same thing happened again.  The same way.  Insert eyeroll here.  LOL

My suggestion.  Tattoo my name around his wedding ring finger.  Simple and unable to be lost.  That is, unless he cuts that finger off.  We pray that doesn’t happen. 

Yes, I am a tattoo person.   For anyone who will no longer be reading my blog because of that, have a very blessed life and remember to take joy in everything God brings to you.  For those of you who will stick it out with me, bless you!  🙂

Anyway, I think my name around his finger would be a great idea.  If he finds his ring again it will cover the tattoo but, if he loses it again, viola! 

I could do the guy thing to mark my territory but I cannot pee standing up so that is not an option.  Just kidding!  I wouldn’t do that to him.  Unless he really, really deserved it.  LOL

Oh, where does the conversation go from here??!! 

This is me saying “later” and laughing my tush off. 

May God bless you,



4 responses to “Pass the superglue please.

  1. I would love to have my name around my husband’s finger, but he won’t agree to it…

  2. I want to know how he lost it… my hubby never takes his off for anything. Other than to play with it… but then it goes back on his finger.
    Me, I can’t wear any jewelry to bed so I always leave it on the bathroom counter and that freaks him out! (mine costs a lot more than his!) One time I had taken it off to put on some lotion in the car and either put it in my pocket or my lap and it fell out of the car, luckily under our carport. Our neighbors (who are actually friends from college) found it the next morning and brought it to our door as we were getting ready for church… good thing we have honest neighbors! (we live in an apartment complex!)

    Edited by Rhen~ My hubby is a commercial electrician and he is not allowed to wear jewelry at work. He takes his ring off and puts it in his pocket. The ring has a great chance of accidentally being pulled out when he retrieves something and that is what happened. He used to put it somewhere safe in his truck but somehow got out of the habit of it. AArrrrrgggghhhhhh.

  3. I have a girlfriend whose husband’s name is tattooed around her ring finger. It is really beautiful – I love it.

    Hmmm…maybe I should have my hubby’s name on my hand?

    My husband is a gas-fitter and can’t wear his ring either, so he just leaves it in my jewelry case. Always. Good thing he doesn’t frequent bars!

    Nice to meet you! I’ve lurked off and on occassionally, but wouldn’t you know it, your tattoo remarks GAINED you a reader!!!

  4. Like both of you Krista and Bobbi-Jo hubby works in construction so wearing his ring is not a good thing. Both of our rings are on the dresser in a box and haven’t been worn since we got married, lol. My sister doesn’t understand why we got married if we never wear our rings.

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