Happy WFMW all!

My Works For Me Wednesday tip came about from my Tackle it Tuesday

One of our dogs is a big, fluffy, puffy, thick fur, fluffy, lots of fur kind of dog.  Did I mention he has a LOT of fur?  Well, he does. 

Both of our dogs got baths yesterday and a brushing. 

Morpheus, the overly furry and fluffy dog, gets a weekly brushing to keep up with his shedding.  It takes a long time to brush him well. 

Yesterday, after bathing him,  I decided to go ahead and brush him even though he was not dry. 

Oh my word!  It was so much easier!!  The fur was letting go so much easier, it was not flying everywhere and it took barely anytime.  What a huge difference! 

He hasn’t been shedding big puffs of fur everywhere.  That is such a blessing.

So, if you have a fluffy (or shedding) dog who is in need of a serious brushing, brush him/ her when he/she is wet.  The brushing is much quicker and much more effective!

Well, that is my WFMW tip.  Have one?  Share it over at Rocks in My Dryer.

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3 responses to “WFMW

  1. I need to try that with Wizard..he sheds like crazy! He is little..and doesn’t have thick fur. He is Jack Russell and part Heinz 57?

    Toto is our Cairn Terrier..and doesn’t shed at all.

  2. My sister & brother-in-law have two big white fluffy dogs… I’ll pass this along. Right now, i think she just tries to wear white to hide the dog hair… 🙂

  3. I don’t have dogs, but I’ll file that tip in the back of my mind for when I need to pass it on. It was wonderful to read that your family volunteers to clean your church. That monetary savings has got to be great for the church. I love hearing about what others are doing to serve God.

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