A plantin’ we will go!

High Ho the Derry-o, a plantin’ we will go!

I love my time out in the garden.

Tonight it was just God and me. 

So quiet.  So peaceful.  LOL 

Ok, maybe it was not too quiet.  The dogs barked at everything and I talk out loud to God but it was a great conversation!

I got a lot planted.  I planted the 2nd of 3 succession corn plantings.  In two weeks I will get the last one in. 

I also was able to plant 2 rows of okra, 3 of large yellow onions, 1 of 2 rows of spinach, 2 rows of peas, an area of carrots and radishes, 8 cucumbers, and a few marigolds and sunflowers. 

I use a wide row method that makes use of every square inch of garden space.  When I say I planted two or three rows they are not the traditional rows that are several feet apart so I am able to plant a hundred feet of corn in a wide row that is 20 foot long. 

I also use this method for planting my lettuce, carrots and radishes.  I have blocks of lettuce and blocks of radishes and carrots.  By planting the radishes and carrots together I am giving the carrots the space they will need.   The radishes will be ready at 21 days.  As I harvest them I am opening space up for the carrots to really take off and get fat.  The carrots from the store cannot compare to the sweetness of carrots from your own garden!

If you are interested in wide row gardening I highly recommend this book:

Also, I like to mix flowers in my veggie garden.  Marigolds are especially heplful in repeling many different pests.  I also put sunflowers in there.  The kids love them and they add such a bold splash of color and interest.  🙂

I still have quite a few other things to either get planted (seeds) or transplant.  More tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelons, pumpkins, potatoes, sweet potatoes and such.

I have my composted manure for making “tea”.   We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and I will make my first batch of “tea” this weekend for the veggies as well as the fruit trees, vines and bushes. 

What are you planting?

Do you have a favorite food to grow?  Mine are tomatoes.  I absolutely relish picking a big, juicy, ripe tomato and making a gigantic sandwich out of it.  Yum!

What’s yours?



One response to “A plantin’ we will go!

  1. I love strawberries, but I am not quite patient enough to let them be for a season or two to get really good and ripe in my own garden. My hubby’s grandmother has a huge strawberry patch and I could just gobble them up before any of the get to the freezer when we visit!! Thanks for the tips, I am adding your blog to my favs!

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