Thursday Thirteen #21

My Thursday Thirteen for today is 13 things our family is planning to do and hopes to do over the summer and into fall.

1.  Camping (several times, I hope)

2.  A field trip to a gold mine.

3.  Visit Sea World.

4.  Visit Busch Gardens (Both of these will happen when we take Ms. Firecracker down to Orlando to compete in Nationals.)

5.  A trip to the zoo.

6.  A trip to visit grandparents.

7.  Fishing.

8.  A hike and a picnic in a state park.

9.  A field trip to DeSoto Caverns.

10.  A couple of afternoons at the lake.

11.  A field trip to a local museum.

12.  Visit a local wildlife sanctuary.

13.  Spend as much time with the kids and having fun as possible!

So, what is your 13 for this week?  Pop over to Thursday Thirteen to visit more TT’ers.

*This is the last week for the current poll.  If ya wanna vote just click the polls page at the top of my blog.*

Have a blessed day,



6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #21

  1. Sounds like a good summer for your children. I wish all children could be so stimulated> Happy TT.

  2. Great list. Sounds like a great summer for memories in the making. Have a great time!

    Happy TT!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. That sounds fun. My 13 would be boring: sleep late, swim, eat, and repeat! 🙂 Just what we all need this year though!

  5. Sounds like a fun summer!! I love SEaWorld!

  6. Great list! We have a long list for Summer as well. I might do that next week for our TT. The first on our list is Cruising next week. 🙂

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