It’s raining!


You cannot see it, but I am doing my happy dance. 

North Georgia is still in a drought but it is getting better and every drop that falls is a great thing.

Not to mention my gardens will just be popping tomorrow! 

I cannot wait until I can (hopefully) sneak outside before the kids get up and check out what is going on. 

The only way this rain could be better would be if there was a little lightening. 

Today, my walk through the veggie garden revealed new lettuce, radishes and beans growing. 

I wonder what the morning will bring. 




5 responses to “It’s raining!

  1. Ooh, I envy your growing garden. It snowed and had such icy temperatures through April that we haven’t even been able to plant yet. Can’t wait!

    Yeah, for rain!

  2. You and me both!!! My kids were singing the rain, rain go away song and I was saying… NO, we want the rain! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  3. My lilacs and azaleas are popping out all over – not as full and lush as I’d hoped, but they are young and we’re working on it. And my dandelions are producing a BUMPER CROP! We should be dandelion farmers. Sure would save The Boss the angst of looking out and grumbling and mumbling about those danged things 🙂

  4. When did it rain? Oh yeah, for about 12 min. last night. We could use more rain!!! Send some my way :o) I’m not that far!

  5. Happy Mothers’ Day Rhen!!!!!

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