Thursday Thirteen #20

My TT for this week is 13 things I won’t eat or don’t like to eat.  I know it doesn’t match the theme but, I had this one ready to go!

1.  Sushi.  I don’t eat bait.  Just can’t do it.

2.  Grits.  Nasty little things that reproduce like crazy when a couple of them get in your dishwasher.

3.  Brussel sprouts.  They are slimy little cabbages.  Eww.

4.  Kalamari- see the bait issue at #1.  🙂

5.  Pork.   You are what you eat and pork has more parasites than other meats.   I have a rule about hosting no or, as few as possible, parasites!

6.  Black eyed peas.  They just taste like mud.

7.  Shrimp.  I like shrimp but they are the filters of the sea.  They are used to check the toxicity levels of the water.   No thanks.

8.  Crawdads.  That is just nasty!!  Those little eyeballs lookin’ at ya are just too much.

9.  Okra.  Mr. Muscles and most of the kids love it but it just feels slimy to me. 

10.  Insects.  I have seen stores that sell chocolate covered insects as delicacies.  Well, I might try chocolate covered ants.  Maybe.  Especially if it was dark chocolate.  LOL

11.  Most crackers.  I have no idea why I don’t like them. 

12.  Cheese sandwiches.  When I was little and had to stay with a baby sitter for a little while, she fixed cheese sandwiches.  It was the sandwich, per se, that was bad but rather the ingredients she used.  The mayo was some really bad tasting stuff from England and the cheese was not cheddar or anything like that.  She made me eat every awful bite.  I guess I was scarred. 

13.  Radishes.  I know they are good for me and, I have really tried to like them.  So far I have not found a variety that I can stomach.  I am growing a new variety this year.  Maybe it will be a good one.  🙂

So, what don’t you eat?  Is there something that you just can’t choke down?  Leave a comment telling me what food(s) just don’t make it onto your plate!

Do you TT?  LOL Thursday Thirteen that is!  Pop over to Thursday Thirteen to see more.



7 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #20

  1. Ew! 😉

  2. I won’t eat most of those things either.

  3. artichokes……….there’s a reason the word choke is in there!

    mushrooms……….blechhhhhhhh……no fungus will pass these lips……ever!

    raw sushi for sure……i’m right up there with you on the bait issue girlfriend………but vegetable sushi? that’s another thing entirely…love it!

    sweetbreads……..neither sweet or breads……total yuck factor here!

    chitterlins……how can anyone eat anything that smells like that?

  4. I don’t eat much in the way of seafood…most is just nasty to me. Poor honey LOVES seafood, so we compromise occassionally…

    I also don’t care for pork

    I won’t eat liver of any type.

    Bananas gross me out…and I am allergic to them….as well as grapes, apples and pineapple.

    No insects.

    No raw eggs or partially raw (think “over easy”)

    No sushi.

    No under-cooked meat.

  5. Things I won’t eat:

    Red meat or pork

    Seafood (except maybe a tuna sandwich once in a while)


    eggs (unless they are in recipe)

  6. That thing about pork is disgusting. Hands over ears and humming. I just try to make sure my shrimp is cleaned and keep humming. I love calamari, as long as it’s breaded and doesn’t look like what it is. I like crackers too, and after about ten years in the South I eat a limited amount of grits. I even enjoy shrimp and grits. I’m with you on most of the rest of your list. I also think that wax beans and lima beans are pretty nasty. So are circus peanuts. I don’t eat bananas either. Unless they’re baked in stuff – I love banana bread. Something about raw bananas bothers me.

  7. Hi Rhen!

    Surprise, it’s me! Your long lost not so secret sister from IN. I don’t know exactly when your b-day was last month, but I remembered that it was close to mine. So, Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was great. ;o)

    I like alot of things that you won’t eat, but I would have to categorize quite a few of the above mentioned as YUCKY too!

    Love ya,

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