I love photography.  Do you?

I take my camera every where I go. 

I have thousands of pictures on my computer.  (I really must burn them to discs so I can have more space 🙂 .)

It started with my dad. He was and is still a photographer.  I am NOT a photogenic person but he was always able to get great shots of me.  THAT is talent my friends!!

What do I take pictures of? 

My children.  Many, many, many pictures of them.  I have around 1000 pictures of Ms. Firecracker’s (7) gymnastic competitions.  I also have hundreds of Ms. Serious (11) at gymnastics and dance, Short Man (9) at gymnastics, Ms. Lovebug (5) at gymnastics and Ms. Independent (3) pretending as if she also takes the class.  Daddy came with us to the park on Tuesday and I have about 30 shots from there.  Not to mention the ones I took of our field trip that afternoon.  My children probably think my camera is surgically attached.

I also photograph nature.  Whatever catches my eye.  The first bugs of spring or the different varieties of azaleas that were blooming at the park on Tuesday.

Then there is wildlife.  It is magnificent to sit in the stand, listening to the sounds of the woods, appreciating God’s artistry around me and taking pictures of the animals and other critters I see. 

Let us not forget our homestead.  I take pictures of all of our projects.  I get the before shots, many different during shots and after shots as well. 

I told ya!  I take a lot of pictures.

I see many other bloggers out there who post pictures on their blogs.  While I don’t mind posting pictures of the projects we have going on, the homestead, our animals, nature and such, I am very leery about posting pictures of my family.  Does it bother you to do it?  Do you post pics on your blog of yourself, your spouse and/ or your children?   Are you worried about someone stealing your photos and using them?  Do you worry about safety? 

I have thought many times of sharing with ya’ll pictures of my family.  I have made some wonderful bloggyland friends and I think it would be great for them to know who they are reading about.  What stops me are the people who stumble here who are not trustworthy and could even be dangerous. 

So, how do you feel about posting personal pictures?  I would really like to know what you think! 

!!!!!Disclaimer here!!!!  I do not think anyone is wrong for posting personal pictures or for not posting them.  I really enjoy seeing who I am reading about.  I also understand someone feeling that they need to protect their family by not posting such pictures.  I just want to know what you think. 

This is a safe zone ya’ll!!


2 responses to “Shutterbug

  1. When I started my blog it was so anonymous that I didn’t even think about it. Mostly it was just for our far flung friends and family. Only when my son was 6 months old did I discover the mommy blogger land. I still don’t have a ton of visitors to my site and that’s okay. I’m not too worried about my pics. One of the things I do is always make my pictures small before I upload them. That way they’d be really poor quality if anyone tried to print them. And I guess I’m not too worried at this point about anyone mis-using them since I have a boy… I have refused to have a Flikr account though and all my photos on Google are PRIVATE. Those are sites I have heard that it’s really easy to get photos off of.

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