My Monday Plans and Menu

I love doing the Meandering Monday thing.  It helps to lay out what I want to get done for the week and when I put it out there in front of ya’ll it gives me more of a sense of accountability about it.  I told ya so now I have to!  It works really well.  I charged on with last week’s list and this week will be just as long.   LOL 

What do I have to get done?

1.  Laundry (duh- 8 people= a mountain of laundry that I could easily smother under)

2.  Gardening- I need to get more planted in the big veggie garden.  It is a fantastic idea to plant your beans, corn and such in succession planting.  That means to plant some each week so you are harvesting some at a time instead of being overwhelmed by it all.  I also need to get my fruit trees, vines and bushes mulched. 

3.  Projects- Mr. Muscles hung the new gate to the pasture.  Yes!  That means the big railroad tie post that needed to be in so I could finish putting the t-posts in is finally in and concreted into place.  I will get the rest of the t-posts in and we can start on the actual fencing part this weekend.  Lord willing!

     Also on my projects list is for Mr. Muscles to backfill the retaining wall.  I will give ya’ll an update with more pictures and such on the retaining wall area.  Anyway, once he gets it backfilled I can then rake the leaves, reattach the lower garden fencing and build the small stone wall to seperate the strawberry bed. 

4.  Homeschooling- this week we are taking a trip to a plaster/ pottery store.  Each of the kids will learn how the items are shaped and made.  Then they will each get to paint something.   We are finishing up several of our books and focusing more on others.  This is the time of year we do more painting and art projects as well.  Ms. Firecracker (7), Ms. Serious (11) and Short Man (9) have all almost finished their Wordly Wise books. 

5.  Spiritual Health-  I am reading Elizabeth George’s book A Woman After God’s Own Heart.  It is such an awesome book.  I also have the study guide with it.  I like the way she guides you by asking you particular questions about what you read and what you thought.  Very inspiring!

6.  My cleaning zone this week is my master bedroom.  It has been for this month for good reason.  Organizing Junkie is hosting the Organizing Round Up each month and April is master bedroom month.  Ya’ll, I have made some killer progress in my master bedroom too.  I am so proud.  Tomorrow for my Tackle it Tuesday I will be showing you guys several before and after pictures of what I have done.

Menu planning takes a lot of the stress out of preparing dinner.  I have already made a list of choices and purchased what I would then need for those dinners so all I have to do is decide which to fix.  Meny planning has also saved us a lot of money!  My menu for this week is:

Breakfast with turkey sausage, cheesy eggs, toast and homemade gravy.

Veggie pizzas and a Greek salad.

Creme Chicken with asparagus, corn and a salad.

Turkey Noodle Bake.

Vegetable Stew.

Hewbrew National hot dogs, coleslaw, beans.

For more Meandering Mondays visit Tiany and for more Menu Monday visit Organizing Junkie.

Ya’ll have a very blessed week and don’t forget to leave me a comment.  I love them and then I get to come visit you!



2 responses to “My Monday Plans and Menu

  1. Your weeks menu looks soooooooo delicious! I especially liked the sound of the creamed chicken with asparagus! Can not wait to read through some more of your blog writings! Your site looks great! Glad I found it.

  2. Gosh, I am now so inspired by you!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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