Pictures as promised

     In my Tackle it Tuesday post I promised some pictures of what we were working on.  Here are a few shots that I took.

     Here are the posts we concreted in for the grape vines.  We got the three posts in the ground.  Mr. Muscles has to get the wire strung between them. 

     Here is one of the grape vines we planted.  I know the area is not all neat and pretty but give me a little more time.  I will get everything put in its place.  🙂

Here is the retaining wall we have been working on.  Mr. Muscles and I put in the posts last week and then he put the boards on this week.  Next, we backfill.  You can see some of my strawberries on the left.  The whole area will be a strawberry bed soon.

Here is the last little bit of the deck system.  I will get this down and then all of the wood moved and stacked very soon.  That will probably be a part of this weekend’s plan.

I am including one more picture.  These are the wild azaleas that are blooming right now all over our property.  They are beautiful and smell heavenly.  As you look through the woods you see the wild azaleas and the dogwoods blooming everywhere. 



2 responses to “Pictures as promised

  1. Good job Rhen, I don’t tend to get a lot of gardening done, I am proud of you.

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