Tissue Please!


9 responses to “Tissue Please!

  1. Are those your girls?!?!?! AMAZING!

    Edited by Rhen~ LOL- No not my girls. I just loved listening to them sing and I thought others would also enjoy it.

  2. This is great! Gosh..I can hardly talk and think straight when I hear anything in the background distracting me. haha!

  3. I like Avery Winter..she sings Happy Birthday Jesus..very cute! That is a tear jerker as well..

  4. Oh this had me crying. I love to hear kids sing and this was just beautiful.

  5. All I can say is Wow! That was awesome! Thank you so much for sharng that with us.

  6. These young ladies are so talented and are what this nations future is all about. God Bless all of them. The best rendition of our National Anthem I have heard in many years and sung from the heart by our future leaders.

    • These girls are fantastic, looked them up and found thecactuscuties.com that gets you to several areas, they are well worth looking up if you believe in the USA, the girls are patriots as well as unbelievable singers!


  7. Diana Hellmold

    a friendly hello from germany

    i listend this video with a friend from benton and i was very glad that he shared it with me.
    never heard singing a anthym like this – simply: G R E A T !!!!!
    Thank you from germany

  8. They take my breath away. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, I am listening as I do so.These young ladies need to be heard ever day, exspecily in are schools.They bring so much hope, I don’t have enough words to say how they move me.

    Thank You,Thank You
    Sara from Alaska

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