Thursday Thirteen #18

Hello and happy Thursday Thirteen! 

We are in the middle of incubating and hatching chickens around here so this week my TT is going to show you 13 different breeds of chickens.  I will start with the breed I have and go from there.  Some are strange.  Some are beautiful.  All are delicious!

1.  Buff Orpington


2.  Speckled Sussex

3.  Columbian Wyandottes

4.  Turken- Naked Neck

5.  Blue Andalusians

6.  Silver Spangled Hamburg

7.  Sultans

8.  Blue Cochins

9.  White Crested Black Polish

10.  Lakenvelders

11.  Salmon Faverolles

12.  Phoenix

13.  Golden Campines

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8 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #18

  1. Stopping in from Thursday Thirteen . . .

    wow, I never knew there were so many types of chickens and so beautiful too.

    From the pictures you posted, i think I like the Sultans the best.

  2. How fun is that! My children would love to do this! I wish we lived in an area that would allow it. Maybe one day!

  3. It wasn’t that long ago that I learned there were so many different breeds of chickens and I grew up on a farm with chickens – shows how much I paid attention…

  4. Interesting list. I’ve heard of some of these breeds before but not all of them. Happy TT.

  5. And all this time I thought a chicken was a chicken. Very educational!

  6. Awwww #4..bless his heart..he is such an ugly chicken.

    But #7..those chickens are beautiful! I have never seen them before..

    Can I come and visit! I love living like you all do:) We should be out of here in 3-4 years..we should walk away with $100,000.00 – $150,000.00 in our pocket and then we are going to build..on as much land as we can get our hands on..I am so tired of having neighbors so close..ya know?
    The first thing I want is CHICKENS!! I really enjoy fresh eggs. So who does the “ringy” of the necks in your family? Or is it still done that way? I haven’t had {fresh} chicken since my great-grandmother had her chicken farm.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love love Chickens love them all but especially # 1..

    Edited by Rhen~ Buff Orpingtons are my favs too. Beautiful, dual purpose and docile.

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