WFMW- kids cleaning up their stuff

     It is Wednesday and that means it is WFMW!  I love doing this and popping over to Rocks in My Dryer to go click happy, reading all kinds of great tips.  🙂

     My tip for this week is one that I “borrowed” from another blogger.  It has worked so well for me that I had to pass it on.  What better way than WFMW?!


     I have been implementing (and passing on) all kinds of great tips for getting our children to help clean up around the house.  They are doing a much better job on everywhere except their own bedrooms.  Those areas seem to be the lowest priority for them.  Go figure.  LOL  Anywho, after reading this post, I decided to implement the better-get-it-up-by-bedtime-or-it-is-gone strategy.  It has worked marvelously! 


     As the name suggests, the children have until bedtime to get their clothing, toys and stuff put away and off of the floor by bedtime.  I give them a ten minute warning and then a 5 minute warning.  If I am feeling a little generous I will give a 1 minute warning as well.  🙂


     Once they are in bed I go around the house, concentrating on their bedrooms, and gather up anything that they have not taken care of.  After gathering up 3 trash bags of stuff the first night, they have done an excellent job ever since.  Anything confiscated may be given away, thrown away, freecycled or sold.  That part is up to Mr. Muscles and I. 

     Well, that is my WFMW tip.   Got one?  Head over to Rocks In My Dryer and share it if you haven’t all ready.

Have a blessed week,



2 responses to “WFMW- kids cleaning up their stuff

  1. I am hearing more and more parents that are using this technique..I almost felt mean at first, but was able to quickly overcome the feeling, Lol.

    Edited by Rhen~ Amen, me too! LOL

  2. Okay, I’m lovin’ that. I’ve thought about it before…but never have actually done it. I BET that it might help them to “see” a little better. (You know…for some reason they never “see” any messes on the floor like I do…)

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