Our Homestead Projects, Part 1

Today I realized that I often talk about the projects we are working on but give very little info so, I thought I would write a post all about what we are doing!  Actually I am writing 2 posts so you do not have to read a godzilla sized post. Aren’t you so excited?!?!

     First up is the pasture.  We love having goats.  They are very handy and very cute. 

     In addition to the goats we are also going to get a calf.  The calf is to raise for meat. 

     This fall/ early winter it will go in the freezer.  This means we have to have a pasture.  On one side of our driveway is a nice open area that gets plenty of sunshine.  The pasture grasses will grow well.  The area will be divided into two pastures so the animals can be rotated.  This is very important. 

     To have a pasture I have to dig and concrete in all of the big railroad tie posts, bang in the t-posts, put up the fencing, purchase the gates, measure the opening for the gates and then put in the last big posts for the gates to connect to, hang the gates, plant the pasture, build the animal shelters and get the watering troughs cleaned and put into the pastures. 

     I have all but one of the big posts in the ground and concreted in.  This week I will get the last one in and all of the t-posts in as well.  I am  hoping Mr. Muscles and I can get the fencing up this weekend. 
Here is a picture of one of the 6 railroad ties already concreted into the ground:


Here are the some of the t-posts that have to be put into the ground:

     The next project: the veggie gardens.  We have two of them.  One we made last year but it was not near big enough so we made a second one that is much larger.  We will use them both. 

     The smaller one will be for pumpkins, watermelons, the blackberries, muskmelons, sweet potatoes and whatever else I need the space for.  

     The large garden is for all the other yummies we grow.  That is a list for another post.  The large garden has all of the t-posts put up, the gate posts are put in and most of the fencing is somewhat up.  I have to finish attaching the fencing and put up the gate.  It is all tilled and ready to go.  Because it is a first year garden we added peat moss, manure, leaves, compost and the proper kitchen scraps to give it the nutrients is needed. 

     The lower garden was all ready but we decided to demo an ugly double deck system that was connected to it.  We now have 95% of the deck system demolished.  We have to build a retaining wall because, after all, we do live in the mountains.  The brace posts for the retaining wall were dug in and concreted in this past weekend.  Woo Hoo!   Next comes reusing the wood to build the wall and then borrowing our neighbor’s skidsteer to back fill the wall.  That will allow us to expand the strawberry bed and get the lower garden planted. 

Here is a picture of the deck system being demolished:

In the middle of all that demo-ing is my strawberry bed.  Everyone has been very careful to not crush them.  When this project is completed the strawberry bed will be twice its current size.

Coming Up: Our Homestead Projects, Part 2 🙂

Have a blessed week,




3 responses to “Our Homestead Projects, Part 1

  1. Oooh, I felt productive just reading that. We are starting a new garden (first in 11 years) this year and I can’t wait to start planting.

  2. Wow, you don’t have to try to find jobs for your kids to do like us city folks… I would love to have land to raise animals!

  3. Very cool!!!!!!!! I love it!! I wish we could get that much property IN the city 😉 I dun wanna be a country girl but I would love to have a bigger garden 😉

    Oh and I have the “after” pictures up now…

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