Thursday Thirteen #17

I received my Lehman’s catalog in today and, as I was browsing through, I found all kinds of things I would love to have.  So, here are thirteen products that caught my eye.

1.  One-gallon Ball Jar with Spigot.  A one-gallon tea pitcher that is glass, with a sealable lid and is not made of horrible plastic.  Woo Hoo!  And to top off the greatness of this pitcher- it is made in the USA.  🙂

2.  Round cast iron waffle iron.  I can use this at home, on the grill and over a campfire.  I would love to take this camping and test it out.

3.  Maine Garden Hod.  For those who do not know what a garden hod is:  it is a wooden basket with a mesh bottom.  As you gather your harvest you can rinse off your veggies or fruit right in the basket. 

4.  Bin Composter.  I have wanted one of these for years.  I spoke with another gardener who used a 55 gallon barrel and had immense success.  I might try that.

5.   Amish Rotary Culitivator–  Not having to buy gas, not having to attempt to start pull-cord machines, not having to fight a giant motor that tosses me around:  all good things about this cultivator.

6.  Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Kit–  In my quest to improve our family’s health and living space these cleaning products would be a huge step forward!

7.  Amish bench/ shelf–  This is a beautiful piece of furniture.  This is a great bench or combine to make a shelf.  How cool is that?!

8.  This rocking chair– I have wanted a rocking chair for years.  I really mean years.  This one would be perfect to sit in and rock my little ones.  Don’t cha’ think?

9.  Children’s Picnic Basket–  I think I could get some the best shots with my camera of my children picnicing with this.  I know the girls would dress up and look their best.  My son would probably come crashing through as a gorilla only to be set upon by very angry princesses. 

10.  Balloon Powered Boat–  this just looks like fun!

11.  Wine light–  This is so cool.  You can make almost any glass bottle into an oil lamp.  I still have the champagne bottle from Mr. Muscles’ and my wedding night. 

12.  Porcelain Salt Pig–  This helps to keep salt loose and keeps moisture out.  We use sea salt and this is perfect for it.

13.  The coolest brownie pan ever made.  I would make brownies just to use this pan.  And for the chocolate.  🙂

I could keep going but I have reached 13. 

So what is your TT?  To read more or to join in head over to Thursday Thirteen.

Have a blessed week.



5 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #17

  1. I love the list. I think my favorite would be the cast iron waffle pan. I just love cast iron—old cast iron. I have some third and fourth generation pieces, and I treasure them.

  2. Fun list. I got a great tea jug at Target last year that I just love. Happy TT!

  3. That’s a lot of great stuff!

  4. Oh I love your list, lots of good stuff on there. I’m heading over to check out what other good stuff they have.

  5. That really is the coolest brownie pan I have ever seen. Every piece would get the yummy crusty part. Hmmm. I’ll have to check into that!!

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