Ya’ll, Momma Got Some New Drawers!

Warning!  Estorgen alert!  Estrogen Alert!

I doubt there are any men reading this but if there are you might want to go read another post for a while.   Scroll down and check the invasion post or go to the polls page and let your voice be heard!!

I had two blowouts.  Count ’em.  TWO blowouts. 

You know what I am talking about.  Everything is going along fine and then WHAM, something has just pierced your boob and is sending pain shooting through your whole chest.  Those wires are so wonderful for holding your boobs up where they are supposed to be but when you have a blowout, they can wretched things.

That left me needing two bras.  And a bandaid. 

Mr. Muscles was so sweet to take me bra shopping the other day.  We loaded up the tribe and headed over to Kohl’s.  When I buy new clothes, like bras and panties, I love to go to Kohl’s.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love to hit thrift stores and yard sales but I am not buying anyone’s used drawers!!!!  Ew. 

Back to the shopping.  It didn’t take too long to find two brand new bras that fit perfectly.  34D Maidenforms.  They are the cutest demis and even though they are solid white they have completely fun patterns on them. 



To top off the wonderful day of finding two bras, at 40% off mind you, I also bought 6 new pairs of panties.  Woo Hoo!  Why woo hoo?  Two reasons.  A woman just feels more like a woman when she is wearing cute panties and not homely, worn-out ones.  And two, they were also 40% off.  Don’t you just love it when what you need to buy is something you want to buy and it is on sale!!?? 

Yep, momma is happy and that means that everyone is happy! 


6 responses to “Ya’ll, Momma Got Some New Drawers!

  1. yeah for you. I know I love when I can find the panties I want on sale.

  2. Candace (Mama Mia)

    Yea for you!! I’m with you- undergarments should always be bought- NEW!!!

  3. HAHAHA… that is so funny… I would have said the same thing if I got some new unders! HAHAHAH…. I am still laughing! 😀
    Well… woohoo for you Rheny on your new drawers! 🙂
    Have a great day friend.

  4. Especially Daddy :^) I’m gonna have to take the plungs soon. Maybe they’ll even match.

  5. OK. As a mommy, I read “blowouts” and I thought of the other type of blowouts we occasionally have to deal with — you know, the poopy mess our kids occasionally make when their tummies are upset. Glad to hear it was the other kind of blowout and you got it rectified. You reminded me I should go shopping for a new bra when I don’t have a kid hanging around asking me why she doesn’t have boobies yet….

  6. Ouch!!!

    I’m a big thrift store fan…but there are SOME things NOT meant to be recycled!!!

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