The Invasion has begun!

     Here in N. GA spring is definitely in the air. 

     Some of the trees are in full bloom with the white, pink, purple or yellow flowers.  Others have green buds all over them and some even have lots of leaves!  I love the bright green of spring.

     The other night I heard the first Whippoorwill.  They use to scare the mess out of me when I was a child but now their song sounds so inviting.  It is such a relaxing time to sit on the porch and listen to them call out to each other.

     In the evenings the bugs are in chorus with the frogs that are croaking down by the creek.

     The spring flowers are in their full glory.  Our yard even has dandelions blooming.  Isn’t the emergence of spring just captivating?!?!

     The other day while the sun was out and bright, the breeze was warm and gentle and the sky was beautiful I opened up the house.  I flung open the doors and windows.  Fresh air filled my lungs and my house. 

     As I was enjoying the fresh air filling my house I heard a faint buzzing.  The buzzing got closer and closer.  I looked around to find out just who was buzzing at me.  That is when it happened.  The invasion had begun.  Flies.  Nasty, annoying, buzzing-around-your-head-and-trying-to-get-your food flies.  In no time there were a couple dozen of them all over the house.

     The kids and I went on a killing spree but for every one that we killed 3 more took its place.  I refused to close the house back up.  For goodness sakes, I just got to open it!   I was not giving in already. 

     That is when I remembered my trusty weapon.  The weapon that never fails me.  Fly strips.  I found some on clearance at Tractor Supply Company a few weeks ago.  I wanted to be ready!

     After I unwound and hung the strip I killed three flies to “stage” on the strip.  The others took the bait and in no time almost every single one of the invading horde was on the strip twitching and struggling.  Struggle all you want to little beasts but you are firmly attached and awaiting your doom!

*Insert evil laugh here*

     This was only one battle of a long war but I have many more strips and at least 5 of our kids really enjoy hunting the flies down.  

I will prevail! 


7 responses to “The Invasion has begun!

  1. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring here in PA. So far it has been fairly cool and the flowers are just starting to come out.

  2. OOps. Forgot to add.

    I wanted to let you know that I am having a book giveaway. To enter all you need to do is post ten struggles you face as a Christian woman and also your age. If you have a few minutes, come check out my blog. Thanks and God bless.

  3. I love spring. It has hit and everything is great except for my nose. I apparently have allegries, something I never had before I moved to AZ but I still love watching everything here in the desert go from being boring and brown to a nice green.

  4. Bwuahahahahaha! This post was hilarious!

  5. E-mail me..please. I have some important information for you.

  6. fly strips! i forgot about fly strips! you may have just singlehandedly saved my sanity! the flys are already dreadful here in florida and won’t do anything but get worse as the weather gets warmer. blechhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  7. Wish I had thought of this little invention- aren’t they (fly strips) awesome…though they don’t exactly go with my house decor:)

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