Thursday Thirteen #16

I am sitting on my bed right now surfing away and looking around.  As I look around I am noticing all kinds of things that I really need to get taken care of.  So, my TT for today is thirteen things I have noticed that I need to do in my bedroom.

1.  Clean off the top of my dresser.  No, really.  It is an avalanche of crap waiting to happen.  And it will happen.  One day when I am in a rush to get the kids to gymnastics or to church I will try to grab one little thing off of the top of my dresser and AAAHHHHHHHH!   I will be buried.  They will find my lifeless body buried and they will shake their heads in wonder and sadness.   Someone will make the comment, “If only she had cleaned off the dresser she would be with us today!”

2.  Vacuum.  My vacumm cleaner died.  Seriously.  As a matter of fact, it waited until Mr. Musceles (dh) had just changed the belt. 

3.  Dust.  The top rail around the posts on my bed are in some serious need.

4.  Clean out the light globe.  There appear to be a few dozen dead Asian Ladybeetles stored in there.

5.  Organize my coat rack. 

6.  Clean up the mess of books and magazines on my side of the bed.

7.  Oil the wood in my room.   That would be my vanity, bed and dresser.

8.  Wipe down the doorframes and lightswitches where dirty little hands keep grabbing.

9.  Put away clothes.  I have most of them put away but there are a few stragglers around.

10.  Clean the window sill.   Ew.

11.  Pull all of the junk out from under my bed that gets stuffed under there.  No telling what I will find.

12.  Clear off the the junk that has been piled on my vanity.  Our bedroom is the catch-all for almost every thing and project I am working on.

13.  Get all of the kids toys out of here.  For some strange reason the kids like to bring toys into our bedroom when they come in here but the toys never seem to leave!

Well, now you know just how much I have to do in here.  Thank goodness April is Bedroom Month for Organizing Junkie’s Round-Up

What is your Thursday Thirteen?  To view more TT’s head over to Thursday Thirteen.

Have a blessed day!



9 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #16

  1. Aaaack, remind me never to do a TT on what I should be cleaning or teaching or otherwise doing. I want to be left in blissful ignorance as I ignore all the “should be’s…” and just lose myself in cyberspace for an hour of peace, lol.
    The day will come though, when the guilt will override the entertainment and I will sucuumb to the To-Do list. Hopefully I will do it as well and as humorously! 😉 Love the avalanche of crap burial scene, well done!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. ignorance- excuse the typo and my ocd that will not allow me to leave it alone. 😀
    Edited by Rhen~ I will fix it for you. I have done that and it has driven me crazy I couldn’t fix it!!

  3. Wow, you’ve got a few things to do! Good luck!


    Come visit my blog!

  4. I should be cleaning right now too.

  5. OK, this is scary. Good, but scary! And intimidating!

  6. i’ve been doing my bedroom as my spring cleaning target this week…what a difference!

    why is that we seem to tidy up everywhere else in the house ‘cept for our own rooms? lol


  7. Great list, it was fun reading!
    There’s still a lot to be done though!
    I have tackled the bedroom only recently, so there’s a slight chance I will survive! LOL!
    I have done a similar TT last week!

  8. Our bedroom always gathers excess clutter too, hoping that won’t happen once we get moved here later this month, but I know it will.
    Happy TT!

  9. Somehow our bedroom is one place I *never* clean! Just about every other room in our house is returned to a somewhat neat state every night, but our room is always a MESS! I have a horrible habit of wearing something for three hours, deciding its not really dirty, then stacking it on my dresser. And we also have a pile of toys that have come in with the kids in the morning. I should tackle our bedroom for this week’s Tackle-it Tuesday!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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