I missed it.

      I missed my Meandering and Menu Monday post.  I have also missed my Tackle it Tuesday and Tuesday’s Teaching Tip posts.   Will you forgive me?  It has been a hectic weekend and I just was not able to get online yesterday and do much of anything.  We had company from Thursday to Monday.

     We were supposed to have gone camping this weekend but the weather channel was wrong.  For 10 days before our camping trip weekend they had forecast us with temps in the 60’s, sunny and beautiful. 

     Thursday they said that Sunday would be a little cooler but not big deal and Friday may have a stray shower or two. 

     Friday they changed it.   Several times.  Our weekend was rained out.  I don’t just mean a little rain.  I am talking thunderstorms.  The temperature dropped like a rock and stayed there until today.  Yuck.

     My mom had driven up with my 2 nieces and my nephew to go camping with us.  The kids were all disappointed but they understood.  Nobody wanted to be stuck in a tent with Ms. Independent (3) and Ms. Sueusue (1) for 3 days whiled it poured outside. 

     We are going to try again but I am not sure when.  Things will be crazy busy in April.  Ms. Firecracker has 2 gymnastic competitions this month.  We are also planning on having a yard sale as well as working on several projects I have going.  That is for another post!  Until later my friends.  This week is spring break/cleaning week and I need to get scrubbing.  🙂

Have a blessed week,


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