WFMW- blueberry bushes


     I am keeping with my spring theme of WFMW’s and this week is a hot tip for those with blueberry bushes.    

     Blueberry bushes are acid loving plants and most soils (unless you have properly amended yours) do not have enough acidity in them  

     An easy way to help your blueberries grow and be very fruitfull is coffee grounds.  Blueberry bushes love coffee grounds!  Just take a cupful of coffee grounds, and it can be the ones you have already used in your coffee pot, and spread it around the drip line of your bush.  

     !Jargon alert!- a drip line is the ground area underneath the branches of a plant.  Feeder roots are spread all throughout that area. 

     You can gently work the coffee grounds in the soil or just mulch over the top of them and water in.  The acidity will leach down and the bush will soak it up. 

     I hope this tip helps somebody out there in bloggyland! 

Have a blessed week and a great spring!


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22 responses to “WFMW- blueberry bushes

  1. I love blueberries! But I can’t seem to grow them well! Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! To answer your question on what I use for labels on my containers…I just write directly on the container with a Sharpie Marker. If I need to change the “label”, I use Goo Gone to clean it off and then write the new “label” on. 🙂

  2. I live in the blueberry capital of Mississippi (we have an annual “blueberry festival” in town every summer) and I tried growing blueberries once and gave up. My daughter LOVES blueberries (Katie, the oldest) and they’re super expensive, so I think this will make a great project for her and me to try out now that I’m home alone all day…and since my hubby drinks coffee, I have plenty of grounds 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just curious: how did ya find me? I love tracking my visitors, and you are new to me. Love your blog – after I used up all my coupon clipping time to read through previous posts and “get to know you!” Oh well, the joy of being a SAHM is that I can set my own clock and never run late on that stuff! Heee heeee!

    Come by again and “introduce” yourself – on the blog or by email. I’d love it!

  4. I don’t believe blueberries will do well where I live (the Netherlands) but I guess i could try the coffee grounds.
    This blog makes me feel like gardening again. Spring, hurry up!

  5. Great idea! Were your blueberry bushes already at your house, or did you plant them yourself? If you did, where do you buy blueberry bushes? 🙂

    By Rhen~ I bought them at Lowe’s and planted them myself. Lowe’s has a one year plant warranty!

  6. I SO want to try to grow blueberries. Thanks!

  7. Does it help other berries too?
    I have red berries and blackberries.

    You can find my tip at:

    Laane on the World

    Have a great week and an amazing spring!!!

  8. domesticallyblissed

    Oh I love Blueberries, and so does the Munchkin! Maybe next year we’ll have to give it a go! Take care, Gypsy xx

  9. Well, we don’t have blueberry bushes around here – though I’d so love to have them! But I am tucking away the ear infection idea for the next go-around (maybe there won’t be one!)

    First time here at your spot. Love the name…enjoyed reading your “Tribe” and “Why the Name” posts.

  10. I love your website title…great minds must think alike! I, too, have six children, and my blog title is Yes Our Hands Are Full.

    Found your site via WFMW.

  11. Hmmm. So you can GROW blueberry bushes? I always encountered them in the wild form in upstate new york and maine- truly never thought about planting them in the yard until just now! Thank you!

  12. Great info! Gotta keep this in mind for my blueberry plant that’s coming in the mail soon!

  13. Yes, you can grow blueberry bushes in northern Vermont and upstate New York. I’m not so sure about places down south — I always thought blueberries need some cold weather over the winter.

    One of the lovely things about blueberry bushes is their reddish foliage in the fall. When you plant them, don’t plant them too close to your house because, over time, they can grow as high as 8 feet or more and be quite large around.

    We have a number of plants, some I got at our local supermarket when they had some; others a neighbor passed on to us, and about five we got from a pick-your-own blueberry farm in Danby orDorset, Vermont. The folks there advised to thin out 1/3 of the old wood each year to keep the plants growing well. They also recommended cutting off the blooms for the first couple of years so the blueberry plants’ energy goes into establishing the plant, not producing fruit. Truthfully, we couldn’t bear to do this for more that one season. All are producing, and getting taller every year. Probably the tallest is now about 4 feet tall.

    We freeze the berries and use them all winter and spring long, in smoothies, in pancakes, and, I discovered, frozen blueberries are lovely in tunafish salad! For sure, grow them if you can!

    • thanks alex t/ i planted a little over 200, two year old plants this spring. there are so much i dont know about b/berries, prunning a third of the limbs at what time of the year? my plants have blueberries all over them, should i go ahead and remove them? the coffee ground tip is great but where would i find that much!
      thanks again/pete

  14. What a great tip! I’m glad I found your blog! My husband just planted several blueberry bushes a week ago. I will have to tell him about using the coffee grounds. Thanks! : )

  15. Thanks for the tip! I drink plenty of coffee, so this should work great!

  16. I read information on a gardening website (it is this guy Dave Wilson out here in California) and he made a good point of planting in pots to get the soil right and gives a breakdown of what to mix (easily found stuff) so the soil is acidic enough. He recommended soil sulfur (the one thing I don’t have or can get easily) so I am going to try the coffee grounds to avoid buying 50 lbs of soil sulfur.

  17. I found the soil mix he recommended (Dave Wilson’s Nursery and How to Grow Blueberries in Containers):

    Step 1:

    Soil Mix. For healthy, vigorous plants mix the following:

    • 1/3 1/4″ pathway bark.
    • 1/3 peat moss.
    • 1/3 forest-byproduct-based
    potting soil.
    (An Azalea mix or Acid Plant mix)
    • 1 handful of soil sulfur per plant.

  18. Does flavored coffee work too?

  19. I think my blueberry bushes were speaking to me and telling me they would like those coffee grounds straight, just for them, instead of going into the compost bin. I did not know, until I read your blog that that’s exactly what they would like, as my soil is not acidic. Thanks for confirming my blueberries’ psychic messages. 🙂

  20. Yay! Just came across this, and am happy to have confirmation that I am NOT insane for feeding my new blueberry bushes the occasional dose of caffeine. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out this year!

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