WFMW-Use the sun!


Yeah- it is WFMW!  Aren’t ya’ll so excited?!

Being in the spirit of spring cleaning that so many of us are in, (don’t fret my Yankee friends, you shall be spring cleaning very soon) my WFMW tip is for all of you who are in the middle of cleaning or planning of giving your home that spring sparkle.   

     As you are going through and cleaning your cushions, curtains, pillows, blinds and everything else that is scrubable, use the sun to dry those items and kill germs.   By putting everything you can outside in the sun to dry you are also taking advantage of the sun’s germ killing abilities. 

     I mean it will give those cushions and dining room chair seat bottoms a very thorough drying and sterilizing.  I put my dining room chairs with the cloth seats out to kill the germs that get down in the foam.  

     If you have removable couch cushions those are fanstastic to put outside as are rugs, bedding and shower curtains. 

That is my tip for this week.  For more amazing WFMW tips head over to Rocks in My Dryer

God bless,


I just had to put this link to a wonderful WFMW post here.   You will thank me!


3 responses to “WFMW-Use the sun!

  1. Glad you like the site, hope it helps! 🙂

  2. I love the smell of clothes that have dried on the line in the sun.
    Great post.

  3. Mmm… don’t you just love spring? I also open my kitchen curtains to let the sunshine in to kill bacteria on the counters and whatever else is lying on the counters! BONUS: you’re saving ENERGY by line-drying.

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