Oh, the things I hear.

After bathing Ms. Independent (3) she came out to show her older sister Ms. Serious (10) just how clean she was. 

Did she say look at how clean I am or I smell great or my hair is squeaky clean?  No! 

I hear “I am so clean.  You should smell my butt.  It smells good!”    Excuse me?

Now Ms. Serious wrinkles up her nose and declines but Ms. Lovebug (5) pipes up, “I will!”  “Yep, your butt smells great.”    I know she didn’t!    I am blaming this one on daddy.

We (Ms. Lovebug, Ms. Independent and I) did have a little talk about how to tell if someone is clean in more appropriate ways.   Like with your eyeballs. 

Mr. Muscles and I did get a good giggle over the whole thing.  Ahh, the joys of littles.  LOL


7 responses to “Oh, the things I hear.

  1. My kids haven’t said anything like that, but my five-year-old likes to get out of the bathtub, run into the living roon, drop her towel, and do a little dance.

    Regardless of who is in the room!

  2. OMG that is so cute. Gotta love the things kids say to each other.

  3. That’s so funny! They’ll love to read that when they get older :).

  4. That really is too funny :^)

  5. OMG..laughing so hard..my sides are hurting!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious:)

  6. OMG and I thought my kids were the only ones who chose the nasty body parts to check for cleanliness…

  7. I heard a similar conversation between my boys (4.5 & 3) a few weeks ago. And here I’ve been thinking this was a “boy” thing. I’m not sure if I should be relieved or scared that my girl might do it, too! LOL!

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