In Honor of those wonderful Daddies!!


4 responses to “In Honor of those wonderful Daddies!!

  1. Oh, I just love this video! I can’t remember how I found you (blog hopping and loved your title). I saw this before and had no idea where it was from (duh, should have looked for it at YouTube).

  2. This cracks me up every time! Especially the baby powder toot!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! It’s funny to see macho men gagging while their innocent little babies stare up at them.

  3. Oh man. mine couldn’t watch all these other men gagging (just like him). That is to funny. Yet they can hurt themselves and not be grossed out by it, lol.

  4. i could never figure out why danny gagged at changing a diaper but could be up to his elbows in septic tank muck without batting an eye! *eye roll*
    butchering doesn’t faze him, but little baby poop brings him to his knees? i just don’t understand……

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