We are farming all kinds of things!

     Living on a homestead is our dream come true.  We have chickens and guineas and ducks.  The goats and a calf will follow very soon this spring along with rabbits.

     We have gardens to grow and can our own food.  We have fruit trees and lots of different fruit bushes and vines. 

     What was missing from our homestead you ask? 

     Why, ants, of course! 

     Two Christmases ago we bought Ms. Firecracker (7) an ant farm.  She loved it.  The other kids drooled over it.  She loved those little ants so much but they only lasted for a few weeks.  She “loved” them too much.  She did try replacing them last summer with ones she caught.  That didn’t work out all that well.   They were fire ants and they kept biting her but she was not detered.  Her newly acquired ants lasted several days until her brother (Short man-9) decided to play earthquake.  Ms. Firecracker still has not forgotten what he did.

     While getting a script as well as some ink cartridges filled at Wallgreens I found this:

These wonderful ant farms usually retail for about $10 each. 

     Did I pay $10?  No.  How about $6?  Nope. 

Wallgreens had these on sale at 3 for $11.98!  Woo Hoo!!!  How is that for a bargain?  I, of course, bought 3.  Now all 4 of the older kids will have an ant farm to take care of.  Ms. Independent (3) won’t be happy not having one so I will have to find a “pet” to distract her with.  LOL  Any ideas?????


6 responses to “We are farming all kinds of things!

  1. hermit crabs! i love hermit crabs! they’re clean, don’t smell or bark and will not bite the mailman!
    or you could try getting her interested in vermiculture! she might just like growing her own compost with worms!
    be sure to stop over at my blog today and check out the new spring giveaway i’m going to post! it’s a good ‘un!

  2. I agree with hermit crabs – so cute! Just, if one day they happen to look dead, don’t act hastily, like we did…

    I wanted to ask you to sign a petition to help support homeschooling in California which has been threatened by a recent court decision, and possibly mention it on your blog to help spread the word? There’s more information here.


  3. I recently started getting our ink cartridges refilled at Walgreens also..much..much cheaper.

    Love the “new farm”!

  4. I had a pet balloon. Yes, crazy, but I did. When I was in daycare we filled a balloon with sand and then used permanent markers to make them a face. I don’t know WHY but I loved my balloon thing.

    Or you could find her a nice pebble and paint a face on it. Honestly, kids love these types of things and guess what! No litter boxes or cages to clean!

  5. we did caterpillars- butterflies a few weeks ago. Great pets. I have pictures on my blog if you’re interested.

  6. I must suggest a male betta fish (AKA Siamese fighting fish) They do not need heated tanks, they are fine alone, and they are very pretty. Bright and fluttery and perfect for a little girl. A 5 gallon tank would be more than enough & very easy to clean.

    My children loved their betta before they moved on up to poultry, rabbits & dairy goats.

    Best of luck!!

    LOL- I had one a long time ago. So pretty and easy to care for! We have so many farm animals now that I think something simple is a great idea! ~Rhen

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