Thursday Thirteen #14


My TT this week is 13 things I love about homeschooling.

1.  Knowing that the quality of their education is always the driving force.

2.  Field trips.  We don’t just read about it we also go do it!  It is amazing how much they learn hands-on.

3.  I get to be the one to see, enjoy and be a part so many of my children’s schooling firsts instead of someone else.

4.  In areas where they are strong and have talent they are not held back but rather encouraged to go as far as they can.  They do not have to wait on other students.

5.  In areas where they are weaker they get a lot of personal attention in order to fully learn whatever they are having difficutly on.  They are not left to try to figure it out on their own yet required keep up with the rest of the class as well. 

6.  Our children get to make friends of different ages and backgrounds.  They are not limited to children of their own age, grade and gender. 

7.  Our children are out and active in the community meeting all kinds of people and learning how to interact with everyone from babies to adults.

8.  Experiments.  We get to do the coolest experiments and all of the kids get to participate in some way unless they are just too young and in that case they get to watch and learn.

9.  We get to take our schoolwork outside.  When it is beautiful outside we grab our stuff and get out in it to soak up the sunshine. 

10.  We are able to teach our children to be good stewards of all that God has given them.   Unfortunately teachers are so restricted that they cannot even teach children manners without fear of reprisal from a parent who doesn’t want their child taught something.

11.  Not only are the children learning to speak different languages but our whole family is learning together.  It really helps when others are learning the same thing and can practice by having conversations in the new language.

12.  Because we focus on each child’s learning style we do not have any problem students.  Their only course of learning is not limited to the way that the chosen curriculum teaches.  Each of our children have a curriculum that fits their learning style. 

13.  Homeschool groups.  We are a part of several fantastic homeschool groups.  We have group studies together, go on field trips, have play dates, share curriculum, share experiences and be uplifting to each other. 

What is your Thursday Thirteen?  To read more TT’s or join in head over to Thursday Thirteen.

God Bless,



3 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #14

  1. I used to home school and I really loved it. I would totally recommend it for anyone and love reading about it.

  2. Excellent reasons, I agree with them all.
    Especially that we as parents learn too.
    Excellent TT, and thanks for visiting mine this week.

  3. I have had so much fun wandering around on your blog! Great TT and I agree with all those reasons. You can add that they end up well rounded, responsible adults, too! TM

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