WFMW- Backwards!


     Shannon and her wonderful self has made today Backwards Day for WFMW.  That means I get to ask all you oh-so-knowledgable people to dig down in your great wisdom and help me to solve a problem. 

     What do I need your help with?   A yard sale.  I love going to yard sales but I have only had one and it was years ago.  So, what tips do you have for a successful yard sale?  I am in the process of planning one and I want it to be successful and I want to unload a bunch of crap completely useful stuff.  

     So, let me have it!

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7 responses to “WFMW- Backwards!

  1. My best advice is price things to sell. People go to garage sales to get a deal and you will end up selling a lot more if your stuff is priced low. Next, lay things out in an orderly fashion, like all clothes together, all kitchen items together etc. Put a lot of things out on the driveway so people can see them as they drive by. I sometimes don’t stop at a garage sale if they don’t look like they have much stuff. And last, plan on boxing up whatever is left and carting it over to Goodwill as soon as the sale is over! It prevents the leftover stuff from cluttering up the house anymore, and you will get a tax write-off!

    Hope this helps!

  2. 1. Set low prices from the beginning. 2. Be willing to negotiate (especially if people are buying more than one thing. 3. Put up price tables like everything on this table is $.50 or $1.00, etc. That will not only make it a whole lot easier on you, people are more likely to buy things that are all priced.

  3. Consider having a free box. If nothing else it gets rid of things like McDonald’s toys and such. 😉 Put it near the middle or back of the garage – take a cue from retailers. If shoppers have to walk past your wares twice to get to the cheap/free items, they are more likely to stop and shop.

  4. Thanks for the diapering tips! Detergent recipe, please!!!??? 🙂

    I love garage sales! I woul ask if anyone else wants to join in with their stuff – more stuff gets more people to stop. You can use different colored stickers for each family’s items. Take off the stickers to add up the purchase. Then, place stickers separated into a notebook for easing adding of the profits at the end of the day. Also, have change – even nickels and dimes. I have also seen people put up signs on the last day of the sale that sday everything is 1/2 off – moves the leftover items faster!

  5. Put big draw items like furniture and baby swings near the road. Always have price tags and don’t jumble things together. Have clothes seperated by size and sex. Hang nice clothes. Have an extension cord available for testing apliances. Put an ad in the paper. Put lots of directional signs on the roads around your house and leading from major intersections. See if any of your neighbors would be interested in having a yard sale the same day. I love to go to yard sales and these are some of the things I look for and appreciate. Also, your kids could sell snacks, like cocoa and muffins or donuts.

  6. During our garage sales last summer we bought a pack of bottled water. Then, on sale day, we packed them in a cooler of ice, slapped a sign on it, and the KIDS sold the bottled water for $1 a bottle. There were numerous times that a “customer” bought nothing BUT the bottle of water when they came by.

    The most important thing is to have the KIDS sell it—and the younger the kid the better. People simply can’t resist if an adorable 5 year old comes up to them and say (with puppy dog eyes), “Would you like to buy cold a bottle of water?”

    There was so much profit with every bottle we sold that it didn’t matter if we marked some of the other garage sale items down a little. (We have never sold homemade food since, depending on local codes, it’s not always technically legal to sell homemade food without a license.)

    My other suggestion would be signage. Buy a few sheets of brightly colored foam core board (or something similar), and cut out two “arrows” from each board (not traditional arrows, just make one end pointed). Then simply write SALE (or BIG SALE) in THICK, bold, black letters. Attach a stake to the sign, and then just point it in the right direction. People usually don’t have time to read tons of tiny words on the sign, so the color and arrow with be more than sufficient to attract their attention. Just keep all the signs the same color so they can follow the colors.

    If you’re careful, you can even reuse the same signs again an again like we do.

  7. Advertise in your local free papers, and one ad in the county paper. Put posters and fliers around town the week of the big sale. Throw an ad on Craigslist, too.

    Price everything but tell your shoppers everything is negotiable.

    Have a free box!

    Have a table of cold drinks, coffee, baked goods, hot dogs. Let the kids sell ’em! People like cute kids selling stuff.

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