Life began…

Do you of the origins of life?   Do you believe in Creationism?  Darwinism (Evolution theory)?  Intelligent Design?


     This definitely has my attention.  I know the origin of life and I am thankful to God for helping me to find the answers to the many questions I asked my public school teachers years ago.  The same questions they refused to answer and told me not to ask anymore.  After all, how can I consume what is being shoveled out if I am busy asking questions? 


3 responses to “Life began…

  1. I’ve seen this before- it’s so cool. Finally someone is speaking out!
    I tagged you for a meme.

  2. You may believe that God began life on earth, and that’s fine.

    But that doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing to be dishonest about what science is and what the evidence is, as Ben Stein and Expelled are doing. One can believe in divine origins without having to certify every single argument against modern science: as you must admit, it’s quite possible to make false and dishonest arguments for something that is, in fact, true.

    For instance, I could argue that grass is green because Elvis was a woman, but this argument would still be false and incoherent non-sequitur even though it’s true that grass is green (live grass anyway). Elvis was not a woman, and in any case, his gender has nothing to do with the color of grass.

    Likewise, even if you believe that Stein and others are correct about there being a designer, that doesn’t mean that you need to endorse their tactics in trying to make that case.

    Your teachers almost certainly did not answer your questions because public schools are not, and should not be, in the business of trying to refute people’s religious beliefs. If your teacher had proceeded to lay out all the evidence against this or that belief (say about flood geology) and refute it in class, that would be seen as attacking someone’s religion. And that’s not what public schools should do. They should just lay out the science in science class and let people decide whether or not the evidence is important to them or not as to what they choose to believe.

    Edited by Rhen~ Ya know…. that religious belief thing just might work except I was not raised in a religious home. I wasn’t asking questions about God. I was asking questions about all kinds of holes in the story, confusing evidence and lack of evidence that I saw. I was asking science questions but they just did not have the answers. Science still cannot answer many of those questions that lots of people are asking.
    Science is all about discovering why, how and following the evidence wherever it may take you. It is not about only trying to prove one “theory” and shoving others under the rug. If evidence does not point in the direction of evolution it should not be ignored and forsaken for only the evidence that supports Darwin’s theories. Not even Darwin onlly believed or focused solely on his theories.

  3. So your argument is, simply put:

    I have to have an answer, no matter what the answer is.

    You’d prefer an answer, any old answer, to no answer at all, or to a firm “I don’t know”. Why?

    I never said I had to have an answer or that any old answer would do. Not even close. Strange that would read that in there.
    Isn’t finding answers part of what science is about? Having a question about how, why, when, etc. and then searching for those answers through research? Is science supposed to be only about the research but not actually coming up with anything? Interesting. ~Rhen

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