Way to go Ms. Firecracker!!

     Several weeks ago (ok, a couple months ago) I told ya’ll about our Ms. Firecracker (7) who skyrocketed her way to competition gymnastics (I am so proud). 

     I completely teased ya with a little info and then never told you what happened at her meets.  I know you are in great suspense and probably holding your breath so I will be ever so wonderful and tell ya what happened!

     Her first meet was the last Saturday of January. 

     Allow me to set the stage for you.  Ms. Firecracker (7) spent 3 hours practicing Friday evening.  We got home, got her fed and in bed by 8:45.  Yes!  We were ahead of schedule. 

     At approximately 10 pm she awoke to throw up for the first time.  She did so about every hour after that.  If it wasn’t coming out of that end then it was the other.  She got it out of her system around 5 am.  She had to get up at 5:45.  I let her sleep as long as I could.  When I woke her up I asked her if she still wanted to go.  I would completely understand if she didn’t feel up to it.  She would have none of that.  She worked her butt off for 3 months to prepare for this and nothing was going to stop her.  I was able to get her to eat a piece of bread to soak up stomach acid and eat a vitamin to replace some of what she had lost. 

     We got to the open warm ups at 7:30 am.  Her first event was at 10 am on the beam and she scored a 9.25 (a 10 is perfection).  WTG sweetie!!  Then came the floor where she scored another 9.25.    Her third event was the vault where she scored a 9.5.  Woo Hoo!!  Her final event was the bars.  She scored an 8.75 on that event.  It was her only one below 9.  By the time she got to that event she was just worn out and almost fell off the bars but she caught herself and pulled back up.  She placed 2nd in everything, including all around, and just beamed when she was on the podium. 

     Her second meet was the next weekend (the first weekend of Feb).  We had to drive almost to Alabama to get there.  She was well rested and ready to go.  That is good because this meet was harder and had several really good gyms competing.  First were the bars where she scored a 9.25.  Then came the beam where she scored a 9.45.  Her third event was the floor where scored a 9.25 and her vault was the final event.  She scored a 9.4.  All 9’s.  WTG baby!!  She placed in the top three on all events and all around.  She was up on the podium again! 

Her third meet was this weekend.  It was much closer to home at only 45 minutes away but it still required us getting up at 5:45.  Ugh.  The judging at this meet was much harder and it was much larger with more gymnasts.  Her scores were:  floor- 9.150, vault- 9.2, bars- 9.050 and her beam was 9.050.   Even with the stiffer competition and judging she was achieved all 9’s and her all around was 36.450. 

     All of her sisters, her brother and Mr. Muscles and I are so proud of her.   Thank you to all of you who have offered up prayers for her safety and fundraising as well as your wishes for her to do well.  They are very much appreciated! 

God Bless,



One response to “Way to go Ms. Firecracker!!

  1. Congratulations! What a fantastic job!

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