Tackle it Tuesday


Hello fellow tacklers and those just surfing the net!  Today you get a twofer.  A twofer?  Yep!  A two for one special.  LOL  🙂

     First is my kitchen tackle.  I did this cabinet as a part of Organizing Junkie’s Organizing Round Up

     February was kitchen month.  Here you see my cabinet for storing pots and pans and their lids.  Well, it was chaos.  Everytime you tried to get something out everything would crash down on your hand and possibly come out and smash your toes. 


     Here is what it looks like now.  Sorry the picture is crooked. 

     Mr. Muscles put screws in the wood around the top so I could hang pots and pans from them.  Now it is much easier to find what I am looking for and keep the lids all together as well.  I love it! 

     It has made a big difference in my kitchen.  Woo Hoo!

     Now comes the second half of this Tackle it Tuesday.  This was Mr. Muscles tackle. 

     I saw a post on Organizing Junkie’s site about using cubicles to help children organize their toys and rooms.  We priced buying the presswood ones but found that Mr. Muscles could make a solid wood one for less than half the price.   His intentions were to make a cubicle but when I saw it like this:

…I just loved it.   I can use the longer skinny baskets or 2 of the shorter baskets side by side.  Oooh, choices!!  It is 4 feet tall, two feet wide and 1 foot deep.

     This shelf was made for Short Man (9) to put his stuff on.  You can see all his mess behind his new shelf.  Tomorrow he gets to start working on organizing, sorting and getting his stuff into the tubs I have for him. 

Is it sad that I am this excited over organizing???? 


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8 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. Oh boy, could I use some of those cubicles in my sewing room. They’re wonderful! Congrats on finishing your tackles today. ;o)

  2. LOL, of course I’m not going to think it’s sad! That’s why I love organizing, it IS exciting!! Love the shelves!!

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  4. Good thinking on hanging the pots and pans inside the cabinet. I wouldn’t have thought of that!

  5. Love the pot and pan idea. I actually have nails on my wall behind stove to hang my spoons and spatchlers. It works great for me as well. Congrats on making top 12.

  6. Thanks for posting. Neat ideas.

  7. looks good!

    Congratulations on making it to the top 12!

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