Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things about Rhen

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Time for another round of Thursday Thirteen! 

My TT this week is thirteen of my favorite plants to grow.  We have them here on our homestead or are planting them in the next weeks.

1.  Cherry trees.  We are supposed to get fruit this year!

2.  Grape vines.   I now have these and am going to plant them this weekend.

3.  Blackberries.   The ones we have are thornless.  I have 9 plants but I am going to pick up a few more.

4.  Reisentraube tomatoes.  All the fruits and veggies we grow are heirlooms.  These seeds are German cherry tomatoes I got in a fabulous trade.  They are so yummy and extremely prolific!

5.  Strawberries.  Last year I planted my first strawberry bed.  They sent out tons of runners and have taken over the whole garden area there.  I am excited to see how many strawberries we get this year.

6.  Leaf lettuce.  This is lettuce that actually has a food value and it comes in several different flavors (varieties).  Amish deer tongue is good as well as oak leaf.  Some are tart, some are sweet but they all mix together to make an awesome salad.

7.  Watermelons.  These are just plain fun!

8.  Apple trees.  So far I have an Arkansas Black and a Jonathan/ Red Delicious.  I have to pick up a Granny Smith.

9.  Squash.  Our family eats a lot of squash but also the plants are very large and very pretty.  They add a lot of texture and heights and can be put into a flower garden for contrast.

10.  Green beans.  The hardest thing about growing green beans is stopping the kids from foraging so much that they strip the plants.  I am tripling the number of plants this year.  Haha, that will fix them!  🙂

11.  Ferns.  We have a lot of woods on our acreage and I love how soft, textured and different ferns are.  The just soften the whole look of naturalized gardens.

12.  Potatoes.  I just love digging up potatoes.  It is like finding buried treasure.  Every time the shovel unearths some new potatoes the kids race to grab them.

13.  Pumpkins.  I like scratching each of the kids names on the side of the pumpkins when they are small.  Then, as the pumpkin grows, the name grows as well.  In the fall the kids can roam through the garden looking for their pumpkin.

Ok, I could actually make a list of 100 different veggies and fruits we grow.  Then there are the flowers so I listed the first 13 that came to mind.  🙂

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5 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #12

  1. great minds think alike! ALL i’ve been thinking of for DAYS is the garden! *sighs* i LOVE this time of year! happy t13!

  2. Wow! My hubby would drool over that list :o)

  3. Great Thursday list, I enjoyed it very much! Hope my blog doesnt gross you out, bring a can of lysol over to read todays blog!

  4. Wow! I enjoyed reading this:)
    Growing grandparents always had a vegetable this day papa still grows one. This year it is my goal to plant my own. I want to learn about growing veggies..while I still have him. When I was little my father built a strawberry bed..he started at the bottom..this was a raised bed..he formed a circle on the ground..filled it with dirt..etc…then made a smaller circle on top of that one..then I think there was one more smaller circle in that one..the idea was to be able to pick the strawberries without stepping inside the could just pick in circles and you were able to reach all the berries. I want to build one of those also:)

    Happy Saturday!

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