Random Thoughts and Happenings.

     As I sit here reading different blogs and making sure I visit all of the blogs in my blogroll it strikes me just how much of a relationship blogging really is.  It is a conversation!  When I read someone’s blog, I comment.  They have said something and I must reply.  How can I not? 

      I have become  friends with several wonderful people out here in bloggyland.  I have come to feel as though I know many, many more personally.  They are wonderful people who either open their windows to let you peek into their lives or they fling the door open wide and invite you in for a cup of java and something that has chocolate in it.  (I love you for the chocolate part and my addiction thanks you.) 

     If things get too crazy and I can’t get online to read your blogs I feel like I am letting a friend slip on by without and a little hello.   That is just not what a southern lady does.  How can I possibly snub even one blog friend out there?  I can’t.  I have streamlined my blogging though.  I was spending far too much time reading and commenting.  I had to find a healthy balance.  I even took a short (over a week) break from blogging.  I felt better when I got back to my blogging, reading and commenting.   For the moment, I have my balance. 

     Something I realized after visiting many blogs this morning.  I see so many comments at so many blogs yet here at my own blog there are only a few (and I thank each one of you who takes a moment to comment).  Geez, I even monopolize the conversation online and not just in person.  LOL  I haveto work on this.  🙂  Hmm, what kind of therapy is needed here?  For those who lurk.  It is ok.  I have a couple blogs I am not a normal commenter on.  They have many people who comment and say all there is to say.  There is nothing for me to add and my comment would be lost among so many. 

     Now going in a different direction, Kindnotes is working on gathering together kind notes to send to our troops to let them know that we miss them, we pray for their safety, and hope they are able to return home to their families soon.  You can also say other nice things and encouraging things.  Please do not use her act of kindness as a forum for lashing out at those who are serving because it is their job.  Negative notes will be deleted!  Click here to send a kind note to a soldier.

I hope you all have a blessed day and if you get a moment please take a quick trip over to my new Polls page.  Let your voice be heard!!  🙂




5 responses to “Random Thoughts and Happenings.

  1. Hi Rhen,
    We work with Lynn from California who sends these care packages. If you would like, please e-mail us at info@kindnotes.com so we may get you in touch with her.


  2. amen. I agree. thanks for sharing the soldier website… I’m off to it now.

  3. I’m feeling it. It seems like I can either read and comment or write, but not both. I’ve almost quit blogging more times than I can count, but I can’t bear to lose all of my friends, yet it’s always a relief when I’m offline for a while and can get my real life caught up a bit. All of life is a balancing act, isn’t it? :^)

  4. Candace (Mama Mia)

    I can totally relate to this. When I started my blog last July I never thought that I’d make so many online friends! It’s been an added benefit to the whole blogging thing.

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