Tuesday’s Teaching Tip


     With the weather getting warmer for the southern part of the US more and more families are getting back outside.  A fun way of incorporating homeschooling with exercize and fun is to have a scavenger hunt.  

     Go outside and make a list of 10-50 things that you see or will be something the kids could find out at this time of the year.  The scavenger list size should be decided based on the ages of the children.   If it is still cold where you are doesn’t mean that you can’t do this.  Just choose items that you find during winter or are more exposed during winter.

     Make a list for each child participating or split them up into groups.  I split mine into two groups with a bigger child and one or two of the littles.  This pairing works very well.  They each have a different view of the world around them and so often the littles spot things before the older children.

     As an extra we will take samples of what we find and bring it in to look at under the microscope.  It is a lot of fun for me as well as the children.   The scavenger list is completely subjective and can be changed to fit a holiday, season or curriculum lesson.

     Got a tip to share?  Share it with other homeschoolers at Helpful Homemaker.  Please leave your mark here so I can come visit you and look around!

Here is a tidbit of a sample list:




buds on a tree

black beetle


animal tracks

rock shaped like a triangle

squirrel nest

     Just remember to be creative, get down on their level and have fun with it!

I am editing to add that don’t forget to take a walk outside Wednesday night to watch the lunar eclipse!!!


3 responses to “Tuesday’s Teaching Tip

  1. This is a great idea! Thanks. I feel like shaking things up a bit and this will do the trick.

  2. Oh that is a great idea–I am feeling sooo closed in right now-ugh!!! The next –not so freezing day I may do just this!

    Thanks for joinging in!

  3. Great idea – and thanks for the heads up about the lunar eclipse. The weather is going to be turning really cold again that night here, though. BRRRR. Hopefully we can still enjoy it – and maybe some cocoa in our travel mugs. :^)

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