Tackle it Tuesday


     With spring right around the corner and getting the first seeds in veggie garden just 2 weeks away my tackle for today is all about my gardening fever!

     I am going to go light on the number of seedlings I start indoors this year and keep it under 350.  That should give me a good head start.  Of course, I am going to stagger the seed plantings to go along with the appropriate planting times. 

     Tomatoes will be first (I have a wierd thing about getting my maters going first ) but I will wait a couple weeks on my peppers.  They (the peppers) require a lot of warmth inside during germination and outside when they are transplanted.   My cabage and other cooler weather crops will be started first with the tomatoes and then followed by cucs, watermelon, squash, and such. 

     To really boost your growing medium add organic composted manure and peat moss to your medium at a 50/50 ratio and mix well.  This will help it to sustain the seedling beyond germination.  You can also use composted mushrooms instead of manure.  What ever flicks your bic.  🙂

     If you are looking for some great ideas for what to grow and a place to talk with other gardeners (novice to expert) take a gander here.  You can also go to Rhen’s garden for tons more information.  Have fun getting dirty!

     This tackle isn’t part of my list in my M and M Monday post but I am looking forward to this today far more than I am the stuff on that list.  LOL  It’s all good though, right?! 

     So, what are you tackling today or this week?  Leave me a link so I can come visit and look around.  If you have the time to hang out, please do!


7 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. What a great tackle – I wish I was motivated to plant something. Very impressed.

  2. Fun! Good luck with your planting, my daughter would love to do this tackle. 😀

  3. Oooo- I can’t wait for spring!

  4. that’s a great tackle…i wish i had a green thumb!

  5. i’m jealous! we are buried under snow right now! and i so want to start a garden!!

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  7. My spring fever is at an all-time high right now. Thanks for sharing your gardening tackle. Gives me hope that it really is just around the corner… right? lol

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