101 Reasons I love my Husband

I have another little story to tell ya’ll about Mr. Muscles. 

After having our taxes done he was sweet enough to take the kids and I out to dinner. 

Did the love stop with me not worrying about making dinner or clean up?  No!  While I was finishing up in the restaurant he loaded up the 4 kids we had with us into the van and that included Ms. Suesue.  Yes, the 11 month old baby.  He took them home and took care of all three littles and our oldes while I went to the gym to get Ms. Firecracker and Short Man after their gymnastics classes.   I got there early so I was left with a whole hour to chat with friends, relax and not worry where anyone was. 


Oooooh, that was nice.


Goodness gracious I love that man!


One response to “101 Reasons I love my Husband

  1. What a sweetie you have there! I am glad you had a great Love Day! (((hugs))) to you! 🙂

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