Thursday Thirteen #9

 Welcome to TT!  This week I am writing 13 things I love about homesteading and hope for our homestead. 1.  Homesteading is a frame of mind, not an acreage amount, not a dollar amount, not a status thing.  It is about doing as much as you can for yourself with what you have.  You can be a homesteader in the middle of the big city with a small garden and a few chickens or in a small town with a couple of fruit trees or in the country with acreage, a big garden, bees, chickens, cows and whatever else.  

2.  I really enjoy having chickens.  Fresh eggs are wonderful.  I enjoy watching the chickens mill around, scratching and pecking.  Spring is great because the hens set and 3 weeks later chicks start hatching out everywhere.  🙂

3.  Our vegetable garden.  The whole fam likes to walk through the garden, pull a weed here and there and snack as we go.  The kids are notorious for raiding the cherry tomatoes.  I am already anxious to plant!

4.  The work.  I like working on fencing, clearing, managing the woods, planting new varieties of trees, cleaning the creek, planting wildlife plots and tons more. 

5.  I like raising our meat.  I know where it comes from.  I know what it does not have in it.  I know what it has been fed.

6.  I like the ideas Mr. Muscles (dh) and I come up with or implementing ideas for being more and more self sufficient.  God provides so much for us to do a lot for ourselves.

7.  Our fruit trees.   This year we will be getting fruit!

8.  Bartering and trading with other homesteaders.  Each homesteader has materials, skills, abilities, animals and veggies that others do not and are always in need of.

9.  Countryside magazine.  Yes, a magazine.  It is wonderful!  Full of so many ideas, tips, tricks, inspiring stories and lessons from other homesteaders.

10.  Learning how to do things myself.  Whether it is building a cold frame, trimming goat’s hooves, building a rabbit hutch, new canning recipes or different ways of doing something I already do.

11.  Talking with older generations of homesteaders.  There are so many ideas, tip and tricks.  It is great to be able to avoid making a costly mistake by listening to the successes and failures of their homestead.

12.  One of our homesteading hopes is to have our own bees soon.  They are so important for pollination.  Plants need pollination.  I also look forward to the honey.

13.  Watching our kids grow up on our homestead.  They learn so much from this homestead.  They learn things and ideas that just reading a book about it can’t touch.  They learn lessons for school and for life.  They will take away many things that will stay with them for life. 

I could keep going but I have reached thirteen.  🙂  We have many visitors out to our homestead and they spend so much time walking around, watching the chickens and just enjoying being out in the country.  The kids who visit are the most fun to watch.  They run around trying to see everything at one time.  They want to hold a chicken, fly on the tire swing, play in the creek, climb a tree, play with the dogs…… 

I hope you enjoyed my TT.  If you leave me a comment with your link I can come see your TT and see what else you have written about. 

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14 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #9

  1. Homesteading sounds like a lot of work and a lot of fun. I love working with my hands and repairing things at home. Very interesting! Happy !!

  2. i couldn’t have said it better myself! GREAT list, rhen!
    happy tt!

  3. Wow I’m impressed. Sounds like you really work hard and are rewarded for it! Blessings

  4. Wow. That’s really cool. I’d love to do most of that stuff, but I don’t do well with keeeping up with it. We have pear trees and muscadines and occasionally a few veggies. Each year, I have the best of plans, but it’s a lot of work to break up ground that’s dry from a seven? year drought by hand. I really need to borrow a tiller and figure out how to use it this spring! You inspire me. :^)

  5. Nice Thursday List! Come pick out something from my list!

  6. We live on one acre and have a lot of fruit trees and a large garden, but we don’t homestead to the extent you do. Sounds like you have carved out an excellent life for yourself.

  7. Sounds like a lovely homestead. Good luck with the bees. Happy TT.

  8. Wow. My favorite 13 of the week. Honestly, I’d never even thought much about homesteading, and now it’s in my head. I did start growing my own basil on a windowsill a few weeks back, and the idea of doing just that made me wish I could someday have a real garden outside. Your children will grow up knowing so much about things that others just don’t know, and I think that is awesome, too. Wow. Impressed. Very cool.

  9. Hi! I thought I would let you know about our 30-day housekeeping challenge over at Martie’s House. Come and check it out and join the fun!

    Hope to see you there.


  10. I love the idea of #2

  11. I happened on your blog while looking up the name we have chosen for our daughter’s middle name (she’s coming in April). Then I thought it is really funny that we visit a lot of the same blogs and I’ve not seen your name before today!

    Looking forward to reading more!

  12. hmmmm, homesteading, never heard of that before. Sounds interesting.

  13. It sounds fantastic. I admire you for it!

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