WFMW- Really clean and sparkling toilets

I love clicking on all of the different WFMW tips and checking out what people have to say.  There are so many little gems to just gobble up.  I hope my tip for this week will help someone out there!

For those who have gotten to know me you have found that I am just not one of those people who likes to use all different kinds of cleansers and put tons of different toxins and such in the air that I, my hubby man or my children breathe!  I like to find one or two great basic cleaners that do multiple jobs and one of those jobs is getting the toilets sparkling white without putting more bleach into the septic system I am trying to keep “cooking”!

What do I use for sparkling clean and white toilets?  Borax.  Good, old fashioned, tried and true Borax.  It is also very inexpensive.  You can sprinkle a light dusting inside your toilet, let it set for just a few minutes then scrub with your toilet brush.  Now, to get your potty white, once you have cleaned it and the bowl sides are all wet light dust it with a layer of borax.  I use a spoon.  It makes it easy to do an even coat and get under the rim.  Let this set for 30 minutes to over night.   Your toilet will be fresh, clean and sparkling. 

Borax is also great for adding to your laundry to give your detergent a real boost, presoaking for stains, cleaning cookware (it won’t scratch), carpet stains, pet stains, deoderizing trash cans and so much more.  A really great idea is to lightly dampen stained or stinky areas of a mattress, sprinkle borax on it and then rub the borax into the spot.  Let the borax dry.  When it is dry you can brush off the dry borax or vacuum it up.  It will remove odors and stains. 

Don’t worry about your septic systems or plumbing because borax won’t harm them and it does not contain phosphates or chlorine.  Pick up a box and see how many ways you can use it around the house!

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3 responses to “WFMW- Really clean and sparkling toilets

  1. Wow! Thanks for all the Borax uses – I have a box, but haven’t used it much. Now I will!

  2. I’ve just started using borax in my laundry. Thanks for the toilet bowl tip- they could use a good cleaning :).

  3. I missed WFMW so I’m browsing them now. Thanks for the borax tip.

    I have a new blog focusing on home organization.

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