I have been tagged!

Jayedee at Life in the Lost World has tagged me for 7 random facts.  I love doing meme’s so here goes!

First the rules –

♥ link to the person who tagged you and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.
♥ post the rules on your blog.
♥ share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
♥ tag 7 random people at the end of your post, linking to their blogs.
♥ let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Now onto the facts and only the facts (insert James Bond music here)

1.  I would love to have a pet tarantula.  They fascinate me and gross me out at the same time.

2.  I think garlic makes almost all food taste better.

3.  For a short time I chewed tobacco.  Gross, I know.  I took an Ag/Shop class and was the only girl in there.  Thanks to the that class I can use a cutting torch and I can weld.  That has come in handy.

4.  I talk to myself a lot.  Out loud.  A lot.  I never lose an arguement and I always seem to have great ideas to share with myself.  (wink, wink)  LOL

5.  I still enjoy playing in the rain- even when my children are not out there.

6.  When I know I have to get up early the next morning I cannot sleep all night long.  I get so worried that I am not going to wake up on time.

7.   I have a tatoo.  That is all the info you are getting on that one!  LOL

Now onto Krista’s (Herlings) New Band tag!   My New Band’s Name:  The Tunnel at the End of the LightThe Album is:  Does and Do the Opposite

And the Album cover is:

Here are the rules for this meme.

1. Click Here
The first article title on the page is the name of your band. (If it’s the entry for a real musician or band, cheating with a reload is probably a good idea.)

2. Click Here
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. Click Here
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

I am going to choose a few people to pass these on to.  You can choose which one you want to do.  Chas, Jaydee (I am returning the favor, lol), Georgia Mom, Lori, and Carrie.  Also, if you are reading this and think it would be fun then consider yourself tagged!

Ok my loyal readers, all six of you, for more fun things check out my Me, You Ask? post. 


♣ Either scroll down a few posts or click here to enter in my Elizabeth George giveaway!!


2 responses to “I have been tagged!

  1. Alright, I will play… tomorrow morning… yawn, I am zonked now! 🙂
    Tattoo… interesting! 🙂
    #6… same here! 🙂
    How funny, and oh my on the tobacco… ICK! 😮 haha
    Have a great day friend!

  2. You are so right about garlic- I love garlic!!

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