Thursday Thirteen #8


Oooh, time for another edition of Thursday Thirteen!  What is my TT?  Hmmm, let’s see.

Ok, I have it.  Here are 13 things I do during late winter in anticipation of spring. 

1.  Seed catalogs.  I spend a lot of time pouring over seed catalogs to see if there are any different veggies (heirlooms only) I would like to grow.  My all time favorite company is Baker Creek

2.  CBD and other Curriculum catalogs.  CBD has an awesome Spring sale and I like to go through and mark up the pages with our curriculum choices.

3.  I buy the soil, peat pots and such that I need to start my seeds indoors. 

4.  I prune my fruit trees, blackberries, crepe myrtles and such.

5.  This is also the time when Mr. Muscles and I are looking to see what other fruit trees and such we want to plant.  This year we are adding a Granny Smith tree, a couple of plum trees and some grape vines.

6.  I start going through to see what I want to get rid of in a spring yard sale.

7.  Garden planning.  Each year it is important to rotate your veggies.  I like to use graph paper and decide where I am going to plant what. 

8.  Companion planting.  A little research helps me to know which veggies to grow next to each other to boost growth and which to put far apart so they do not kill each other. 

9.  I walk around our property and make a list of what I see that needs to be taken care of, cleaned up, moved or taken out when the weather warms up.

10.  Field trip planning to decide which warmer weather field trips are we going to take.  This way I can align the lessons correctly. 

11.  We pick up fresh hay and cedar chips for giving the chicken house a good cleaning in the spring.  Hay for the ground and cedar chips for the nesting boxes.

12.  Order pasture mix.  This is for the new pasture area.  It is a nice mix of grasses and clovers.  Just as soon as it warms up enough it will be planted.

13.  Daydream.  Yes, I can’t help but think about going down to play in the creek with kids, walking the trails through the woods, camping, visiting the state parks, running through the sprinkler, watching the kids play in the sun, getting my hands back in the dirt planting and so much more.  *sigh*  I can hear spring calling me.  I can’t wait to answer!

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All for His glory,


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9 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #8

  1. You make Spring sound so appealing and it is even more appealing when it is 14 degrees. I love to garden…we will be moving to Florida it will be fun to learn what to plant there!

  2. Wanna drop by America’s Third World County and share some of that enthusiasm for yard work? I’d be willing to let you “play” all you wanted in ours…


  3. You are one dedicated gardener!! I need a bigger yard, well either that or the kids can play soccer in the street! Ha- yeah right. We planted 65 tomato plants last year- that was a bit more than I planned, Hubby purchased them- won’t be letting him do that again this year! It has made for some good spaghetti sauce though.
    ~I have to be dedicated. We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and I don’t want the genetically altered mess or the chemically treated stuff either! Yuck! 🙂

  4. i soooooooooo love anticipating spring planting! *sighs*
    my poor husband goes pale as the first seed catalogs arrive lol
    he knows the poultry catalogs can’t be far behind! happy tt!

  5. Yep, I’m so ready for spring too. You sound so organized. I’m impressed. Come on spring. Have a great TT. 🙂

  6. Great list. I like to daydream too.
    Once we buy the house I will have so many spring projects to plan for. That CBD catalog used to be the death of me, now I have Acorn Naturalists which I dogear like crazy. Now I just need the money for all the stuff we want.

  7. Can you give me some advice on trimming my crepe mrytle. The people that lived her before never trimmed it, so it’s just growin wild. I tried to trim is up last year, but it still went wild. Any suggestions?

  8. I admire you industry!

  9. I really don’t have “winter” here in Florida!

    I posted my first Thursday Thirteen post here.

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