Tackle it Tuesday

One of my WFMW posts was about organizing puzzles and it is definitely something we do but over time the kids have lost a piece or ten out of a puzzle or more.  I decided it was time to go through the puzzles and find out which ones have all the pieces and which ones don’t.  Here we are in the middle of putting puzzles together.

We couldn’t just count the pieces.  I had a little pile of misplaced pieces to find homes for.  In the end we had to get rid of about 8 puzzles.  I hated to do it but when you have huge holes in the middle of the puzzle from missing pieces it just kind of sucks all the fun out of it.  Ya know?  🙂

Here are the puzzles that have all the pieces.  They are each in individual baggies and the picture of the puzzle has been cut out and put in the bag as well.  Much better!

Now I am watching the kids like a hawk when they want to get a puzzle out.  I want this to last for more than a few days! 

What is your tackle?  Leave me a link so I can visit!  For more tackles visit 5 Min for Mom.

All for His glory,
PS- I am participating in Shannon’s new Bloggy Giveaway.  I hope you pop back here next Monday to enter in!

7 responses to “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. What a great way to store puzzles!

  2. Nice and neat. I thew out a lot of puzzles recently. It was getting too out of hand. Most of ours are $1 from the Dollar store so I don’t feel bad. Putting them together once was worth $1.

    Visit my new homemaking blog

    We made a puppy toy box for Tackle Tuesday.

  3. I love using baggies for puzzles, I hate all those ripped and crushed boxes. Great tackle!

  4. Wow- you are organized! Here’s my tackle…I’m getting there very, very S-L-O-W-L-Y!!

  5. Wow. Better you than me. LOL

    Guess I could have my son put together all his puzzles that way. I don’t care for puzzles much.

  6. It drives me nuts when puzzles are missing pieces. I know we have a few that have missing pieces but I don’t want to throw them away because I keep thinking we’ll find the pieces somewhere. I guess I should just cringe and throw them away.

  7. Oooh, I hate when puzzles lose pieces! You did a great job with your tackle!

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