Why I hate carpeting.

Oooh, such a riveting title, eh?  LOL  Anyway, onto my strange thoughts for today.   I hate carpeting.  I used to be one of those people who loved carpeting.  I loved the smell of it when you had sprinkled carpet freshener on it and then vacuumed it up.  I loved walking with barefeet over new, soft carpet.  I also loved finding a sunshine spot and standing there just soaking up the warmth the sun had left on the carpet. 

What happened?  Knowledge.  Yep, I learned something.  When I was a child the Drs told my mom to get rid of the carpeting because it made my and her allergies a lot worse.  We just couldn’t do it.  Then one day, not long after Mr. Muscles and I were married, she had her carpeting replaced.  I was there.  Now my mom always took very good care of her carpeting.  We all vacuumed constantly.  We even moved the furniture and vacuumed under it and around the baseboards every week!  Yes, every week.  We even had them cleaned and there was no food or drink allowed in the living room.  You would think that would help to keep the carpeting clean.  I thought that.  I was wrong.   You are wrong.  Knowledge has pushed through the fairytales to show the ugly truth.  It was gross under there!!  So much of the dirt and carpet freshener never gets sucked out of the carpet.  It doesn’t matter what kind of vacuum you have.  It cannot physically pull so much of the dirt, fibers, hair and such out of the carpet and the pad.  It works its way through to the other side and there it stays!  When the carpeting gets wet for any reason it then bonds with the ick under the carpet to form cakes that stick to the pad and carpeting.  In those cakes bacteria starting growing.  Yes, there is a giant breeding ground right there in the carpet.  Yuck! 

Don’t forget all those chemicals that are in the carpeting and being constantly released into the air and onto your skin.

Can it get worse?  Yes!  Then we got our first dog.  It really doesn’t matter if you have dogs or cats because they both do the same thing.  They bring in more dirt, more dander and deposit fur into the carpeting.  Large portions of all of that work its way in to live with the other stuff we have already discussed.   The only way to make the carpet worse is to add children.  That is exactly what we did.  We don’t have to describe what happens with children and carpeting do we?  Let’s just say two little words and leave it at that.  Potty training. ‘Nuff said.  (shudder)

No matter how hard you try, how much you vacuum and how much you clean you cannot get it clean.  You cannot kill the germs and you cannot get out *ick* from the fibers.  I couldn’t handle it anymore.   In this house we have wood floors through most of the house.  Yes, I sweep a lot and I also have a giant dustmop that the kids are always fighting over to use but I know that when I sweep and mop I am getting all the dirt up and I am killing those nasty little germs.

So, do I think less of you for having carpeting?  Yes.  No, of course not!  Whatever flicks your bic babe I just felt compelled to share my dislike of carpeting with you.  🙂  Do you have anything you particularly dislike?  Share it!  I would love to know I am not the only off-center one out there!  LOL


6 responses to “Why I hate carpeting.

  1. Oh, honey, I SO agree with you!!! We just moved out of a house that had carpeting EVERYWHERE (except the kitchen)…dining room, both bathrooms….oh, it’s gross, honey…pure grossness!! NEVER AGAIN!!

    Ewww- we had carpeting in the bathrooms of a house we owned. Needless to say we took the mold covered, nasty smelling, gross carpeting out and replaced it with tiles. ~Rhen

  2. Totally with you on this one! We’ve moved enough to know that what is under there is aweful…and what is in there (even on top, where you can touch it) bad too! Ewe!

    Thanks for making me thankful for the hardwood floors that need to we mopped yet again! 🙂

  3. Okay, I do love new carpet, but we have allergic people here so there is no carpet. (Carpet wouldn’t be so bad if you upgraded twice a year!)

    What I find funny is people who don’t like boards or tiles “because they’re so much dirtier than carpet” and you have to clean more. I always tell them that all that dirt is in your carpet, not just on top, and you keep it forever! How could hard floors create more dirt?

  4. I know… carpet is a pain I have been dealing with for some time now. I have tile in my kitchen now, and in the small bathroom, and I have laminate in the girls room but the rest of the house is stuck with icky carpet. One of these days hopefully we will be able to get it out and have hard wood or laminate throughout.
    Have a great day… I have been missing you!

  5. We just got a puppy a few weeks ago. On average I’d say we clean up pee spots on the carpet two to three times a day, and thats only after its been getting better as of late.

    For months I thought our carpet was impossible to vacuum only to find out that both vacuum cleaners had broken belts. Yuk! Give me some wood!

  6. We had carpet in our old house but when we built this, the plan was for it to eventually be a garage, so we have concrete floors. I actually like them, so very easy to take care of and nothing can mess it up! Spills just wipe right up!
    Blessings my friend,

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