The craziness that is….

…my past couple of weeks.  LOL  🙂  My posts have been on the thin side the past week or two but I have been crazy busy. 

I have been 12 rounds with the laundry monster.  Sadly, the first few rounds had me worked over pretty well but I recharged by making a fresh batch of laundry detergent and kicked butt.  Woo Hoo!  TKO baby!

On the homestead front, I have been working on concreting in posts for farm fencing as well as clearing a little bit of pasture land.  No work on it today though.  Why, you ask.  Because it is snowing!!  Yes, snow in GA.  I am sure GeorgiaMom and Chas will mention snow for them in their areas of GA as well.  🙂   Mr. Muscles and I were able to get 2 sides of our property marked with t-posts.  We also made sure the property line was cleared and cut a trail through the woods all the way down to the creek.  That was one of my major goals for the year.  Now on to the rest of the list. 

I have also been working on decluttering the house.  The kids and I have been choosing small areas (sometimes medium areas) to clean up.  Some stuff is being reused, some recycled, some freecycled and some sold.  I transfered most of the remaining Christmas decorations over to plastic tubs and out of boxes.  If you are looking to declutter but it just seems like a hugely overwhelming task then I invite you to pop over to Rashel’s place and check out her post on one foot method decluttering.  I have accomplished so much using this method. 

As for the critters, our roosters are finally crowing.  Last week I heard a strange sound that was very much like a cat being strangled or a chicken being attacked.  I take off around the house towards the chicken house only to find no attack happening.  There stands one of our roosters trying his hardest to crow like he is actually in charge of something.  The hens did not have any adoring looks in their eyes but maybe they will as he gets more confident in his crowing.  LOL  I will be happy when the rest of the hens start laying.  Their combs are turning colors so there is hope!  

Of course, everyday is also very full of schooling.  They are humming along with their studies.  I am really loving the Horizons Math and the LifePac Math Curriculums we are using this year.  They are very in depth and provide plenty of extra worksheets, tests and experiments.  Now is the time when I start researching and choosing my curriculums for next year.  I will be sticking with Horizons and LifePac for math next year but am also looking at their science.  I am looking for a new geography curriculum.  I want to be able to trade it off with the one I have now.   There is more curriculum to talk about but that is for another post. 

Ms. Firecracker has her first Gymnastic Competition Saturday.  She is very excited and has been working so hard towards this goal.  I am excited as well.  Big smiles all around.   She is going to have such a blast and we are encouraging her.  I don’t want her to be nervous or get worried about her performance.  Her floor routine is very strong.  The beams and the bars are right up there as well.  At first her vault was a little weak but when she focused on it for a couple of workouts she was able to tackle that as well.  I can’t forget to take my camera!! 

Well, that is some of my past couple weeks.  I am off for now to take care of the baby. 

All for His glory,



2 responses to “The craziness that is….

  1. tag! you’re it girlie! the 7 random fact faerie has paid you a visit! lol details on my blog!

  2. Good to see you again. Have been missing your posts.

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