To do and more

Here is/was my (and Mr. Muscles’) December’s To Do List:

*Till up new, larger vegetable garden spot

*Finish tearing down old dog pen (previous owner)

*Till under layer of leaves in large vegetable garden

*Pile op the wood that needs splitting

*Finish cutting up the downed trees in the woods

*Outline the big vegetable garden with t-posts and be ready for fencing(most are recycled)

*Rake and bag the leaves for compost

*Mulch the fruit trees

*Reline the chicken nesting boxes

*Spread hay in the chicken house

*Mulch the strawberry beds

*Need new gate and opening on the west end of the fence

*Finish decorating for Christmas

*Finish making some of the Christmas gifts

*Wrap Christmas gifts

*Go through my clothes

*Completely clean, declutter and organize my room (I need this to be done, ya know?)


We have gotten so much of it done and I think that this weekend we will be able to cross several more off of this list as well.  Mr. Muscles got a new chainsaw for Christmas and we will be putting it to work tomorrow!  We won’t get done with all the trees that need to be taken care of in the woods but we can certainly put a big dent in it.  🙂  Our 5 acres is about 70% wooded (and we want to keep it that way) so the land management is an ongoing thing.   I have a nice open area up behind the house that needs to be worked on so I can plant a few more fruit trees there.  I am also adding grape vines and moving the blackberries near my Red Delicious/ Jonathan apple tree on the open spot of the hillside going down to the creek.   I am adding at least 1 Granny Smith tree, 2 plum trees and 1 other kind of apple tree.  I have 2 cherry trees down by the chicken house.   The blueberries have to be moved as well.  I have no idea yet where they are going.  I have to go walk around outside and talk to myself for a while to figure it out.  🙂  Does anyone else do that?  I am constantly talking to myself out loud.  I rarely get into arguements with myself and there is never a lack of understanding.  Woo Hoo! 


I have to go find my umbrella and take a walk.  I can’t stand having a plan and not putting it into action.  It is time to start planning, moving and getting the fruit trees and vines taken care of.  I am off for now my bloggyland friends!


All for His glory,


PS- next week I will be having another giveaway!  🙂




2 responses to “To do and more

  1. wanna trade lists? You have so much more completed! *smile*
    Your property sounds beautiful! We are in a is nice..but doesn’t compare to the freedom of having land. One day..I would like to have some land..not real fond of neighbors so close..ya know?
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. Hey, Rhen….just wanted to say thanks for the tree-topper….he arrived in time to be on the tree before hubby got into town for Christmas! Thanks again!

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