Thursday Thirteen #6

It is Thursday Thirteen time again and I had a great time thinking about today’s list.  Ya know, some days this is really hard and some days it is very easy.  

13 of my favorite Christmas gifts I received when I was a kid:

1.  A beautiful blue and white ceramic carousel horse.  It had a gold pole and was decorated with feathers, fabrics and sparkled in the light. 

2.  A large piggy bank.  He was a cool looking pig!

3.  A black hills gold ring.  It was my first “real” piece of jewelry.  I felt so grown-up!

4.  Augie Doggie.  He is a brown and white stuffed dog.  I still have him.  Most of his fur is “loved” off, he has stitches in several areas and his tail is held on by a piece of yarn but I love him anyway.  🙂

5.  A dollhouse.  My sister destroyed it less than two weeks later.  Sad loss.

6.  A monoploy game.  I still have this as well.

7.  A chemistry set.  I was dangerous with that thing!  LOL

8.  A new blue bicycle.  I rode that thing everywhere.

9.  Rollerskates.  We lived on a big hill then and the first time I wore them I just about wore down the stop on the right one going down that huge hill. 

10.  Stereo w/ a cd player.  My first cd was ZZ Tops Greatest Hits. 

11.  A book of bible stories from my Grandparents.  I loved looking at the pictures.  My favorite story was of when Moses was born.

12.  Laura Ingles Wilder books.  I read every one!

13.  My name in spun glass.  That was so cool.  I was so upset when it fell and broke a couple years later.  I would love to find someone who does that and have another one made.

I could name a few more like a telescope, a pair of peacock feather earrings and such but I will stop.  LOL

What Thirteen things do you want to share?  Head over to Thursday Thirteen to join in or read others’ TT posts. 

Don’t forget to enter my Christmas Giveaway and my Baby’s First Christmas Giveaway.  )

6 responses to “Thursday Thirteen #6

  1. Hi, I definitely agree, sometimes TT is really hard, and sometimes it’s extra easy. It all depends on weather I’m inspired or not. I did a TT list too, it’s here:

  2. That’s a nice list. I can’t remember many of my Christmas gifts: a bride doll, a Chatty Cathy, and one of those vixen-faced 1960’s Barbie dolls are all that come to mind. It’s lovely that you kept your old toys. I was rough on mine.

  3. Ahh, memories! I can remember getting my very first NEW Barby Doll (rather then getting hand me downs from older relatives). I think it is still in a box somewhere…

  4. What a great walk down memory lane. Pop on over and see my list.

    BTW – I love your blog style.

  5. I’m impressed! I honestly don’t remember most of the presents I got as a child, and certainly not enough to make an entire list out of. You must’ve been a very good girl, you got a lot of cool stuff! LOL

  6. I can’t remember many of the gifts I got as a child but I do still have the Monopoly set I got when I was 12.

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